Faded Greenwich (18) Laurel Gardens

Thanks once again to Roger for the faded sign to this strange little truncated street in West Greenwich, Laurel Gardens. He was concerned that it doesn’t even get a mention as far back as the 1861 census, but happily, I have just acquired Diana Rimel’s extremely detailed The Ashburnham Triangle (from the new visitor centre in the ORNC) so I can tell you that Laurel Gardens ran behind some Greenwich South Street back gardens (numbers 96 and 98 Greenwich South Street were known as Laurel Place) and once had a few cottages in it.

I’m not sure what  Texel created in its factory in Laurel Lane, but two of the cottages were demolished for it. It, in its turn, was demolished and there’s now modern housing, which has a different entrance, hence the rather dull black fence and locked gate.

More faded Greenwich another day…

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laurel gardens roger wood low
laurel gardens roger wood low

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