While we’re asking questions, Matt asks:

“Anyone else noticed a couple of temporary CCTV cameras have been erected,  one by the Arches leisure centre and one on Royal Hill.
Anyone know why?  They are yellow poles and are strapped to lampposts.”

Paul has answered this one for me, as well as providing photographic evidence for us to enjoy. He thinks they’re traffic monitoring cameras. There have been some grumpy letters through his door complaining about the amount of traffic up Hyde Vale and Crooms Hill ( he don’t think it’s bad, although Royal Hill often is) and he thinks this is part of traffic monitoring as a result. The little box at the bottom that presumably stores the digital pics mentions traffic monitoring systems.

Where I still don’t see any CCTV is the roundabout under the A102M which sees so many accidents – we could actually do with some there.

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13 Comments to “CCTV”

  1. Greenwich Sandwich says:


    Think it’s something to do with these chaps.


  2. So do you think this is a private enquiry by local residents or the council/DoT using third party consultants, G.S?

  3. marmoset says:

    I noticed a couple of these on Friday at the bottom of Crooms Hill, one by the theatre entrance, the other on the Burney Street corner.

    They’re both pointing down Stockwell Street.

  4. Kat says:

    There was one on Greenwich South Street too for about 24 hours. Saw one of the men taking it down. Definitely something to do with traffic monitoring as they have a censor running accross the road i think to tally the number of vehicles passing throughout the day.

  5. Bob Local says:

    They are Traffic Survey Cameras.

    I’m told that the Council are currently reviewing some of the 20mph limits, Crooms Hill being one of them.

    I don’t think Royal Hill is a 20mph limit at present.

  6. West Greenwich Conservation Area Residents Association says:

    Yes, a few of us have tentatively formed a new residents association and have been posting letters through doors to see if other West Greenwich residents share our concerns about the rat running in West Greenwich, definitely including Royal Hill from where a lot of traffic turns into Gloucester Circus and up Crooms Hill, or heads up Hyde Vale. We are hoping to have a website up and running in the next couple of days so that anyone who wants to can post their thoughts and get involved. We are lobbying for measures to stop the rat-running whilst encouraging pedestrians and cyclists. We had in mind the kinds of one-way and no turn in measures that are successfully in place in the Ashburnham Triangle, although we suspect that there will not be the budget for it. There has indeed been a traffic survey recently which showed over 250 vehicle movements an hour along Crooms Hill at peak times. This is heavy traffic for a residential road within a World Heritage Site. From sheer numbers, one must occnlude that the majority of vehicles must comprise commuters seeking to avoid the queues on the A2.

  7. Neil says:

    It could also be unsuspecting motorists sent that way by their satnavs – I’ve heard of it happening to a few people recently.

  8. Paul says:

    Personally I don’t notice a lot of traffic up Hyde Vale, altho recently there have been more lorries stuck in the street – and I think you’re right, it’s a sat-nav issue

    It’s not the quantity of drivers that’s the problem, more the idiocy of the few rat runners. It’s hard to know how to legislate for that: lobotomy, perhaps?

  9. Steve says:

    Or (Residents Assoc.) it could just be local people like me who happen to live on the other side of the park who are going into Greenwich, off peak and driving carefully. Please don’t make things harder than they already are. Let’s hope that the budget’s not there to put in yet another traffic scheme.

  10. West Greenwich CARA says:

    The surveys show that, on some days, over 400 vehicles are using Crooms Hill in one hour. I don’t think they can all be sat-nav victims, nor are they all locals. We would like to find a way of slowing vehicles down so that they obey the 20mph speed limit and therefore don’t find it worthwhile to ratrun. This should improve the situation for local drivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists. Less traffic could create a virtuous circle and encourage more people to walk or cycle, rather than feel they have to drive, because the roads are safer.

  11. I’ve always regarded the Ashburnham Triangle traffic restriction scheme as just one step from a gated community. While speeding and dangerous driving are crimes, using a shortcut to get from A to B efficiently is not. Can I suggest efforts are directed at speed reduction measures (along with improvements for cyclists/pedestrians) rather than restricting vehicle access – after all, drivers are then simply forced onto the main roads (where other people live).

  12. Pedro says:

    Steve, if you’re local, from the other side of the park, why are you driving?

  13. Steve says:

    Pedro – Wife, baby, shopping. Yes, I do have a bike and use it a lot but sometimes it has to be the car.