Carry On Cruising

Well, well. well.

A couple of days ago, Lee asked:

“We live on the Isle of Dogs across from the former Syral Plant.  We have been watching them dismantle it with interest.  Now there seems to be some sort of noisy construction going on next to the gravel/sand piles place.  They seem to be putting corrugated metal sheets into the shore down to the river.  Do you know what they are doing?
While I am asking questions, do you know what they are planning to build or do with the Syral Plant?”

I had no idea, and when I asked a local councillor, they had no idea either. Whatever it was was being kept very much under wraps. But I was watching the news just now, and who should pop up but The Leader, being interviewed about a new Cruise Liner Terminal that they want to build at Enderby Wharf – by 2012…

I guess it would count as industrial or wharf-y which is the required designation for the site, and at first pass, it seems like an interesting idea to me – as long as they do something lovely with Enderby House and restore the Thames Path. It will never be as peaceful again – but I guess we were never going to keep that Long Good Friday-ish, slightly creepy solitude forever.

My one worry is - by 2012?

That’s a BIG ask for anything that’s going to look good, and be built out of decent materials in a solid, non-destined-to-get-really-seedy-very-quickly way.

The story’s not on the BBC website yet, but I’ll post as soon as it is…

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  1. Darryl says:

    Has planning permission been given for this yet? The cruise liner plan’s been around for a while, but I’ve only ever heard of things via word of mouth.

    It seems like the same old, same old – the Great Leader suddenly popping up to impose Great Projects on Greenwich, conveniently ignoring the crumbling streets and services around him.

  2. Dazza says:

    The question I want answered is how are they going to shift all those ‘Cruiser Passengers’? (I was going to put ‘Cruisers’ but thought it sounded a bit naughty…)
    There are no public transport links in place so it would probably mean coaches and theses would be parked where? Could we also get a new pier for the Thames Cruisers? Now that would be good……
    Besides, would you like to arrive in the UK on a luxury liner to be greeted with the remnants of a once great Industrial Site? Not the most picturesque arrival point.
    However, I’m not holding my breath

  3. Steve says:

    Yeh, the Council’s cruise liner terminal idea goes back at least to 1996 when it was going to be at Greenwich Reach.

  4. Mary says:

    I don’t know what they are looking at from the Island – but it sounds very much like work on the river wall. The wall was damaged by contractors at Delta Wharf who cut the land ties – and I guess is the ‘gravel and sand piles place’. I can check this out.
    The Syrol site is designated for ‘employment generation’ – planners have told me that it would take some years to get this changed – I can get details of all the hows and whys if people want.
    The Enderby Wharf site hasn’t been to Planning Committee yet – I’m not sure even if there is an application. But several local voluntary organisations seem to have been talking to the developer.

  5. Stephen aka. Latelygay says:

    I’ve written on this previously but basically, speaking as a former P&O Cruises Officer (… ‘ten shun!!), any cruise docking facility can be established with a very small foot print comprising an appropriate jetty, a walkway and a small cruise build with an apron/approach for coaches/shuttles/taxis.

    Currently there are very few ship visits but as they say, ‘build it and they will come’.

  6. Shalinee says:

    Hi, though I believe they haven’t got full planning permission for it yet, I think this might be the cable car from The O2 to Victoria Docks? It was first mooted a couple of years ago but planning applications have been submitted and yes, they want it finished by 2012

  7. methers says:

    More info:

    Is it just me, or is every other building in Greenwich going to be a hotel soon?

  8. Barbara says:

    This has just been mentioned on the BBC local news, they will be talking about the proposed terminal.

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  10. Darren says:

    Where exactly in Greenwich is Enderby Wharf? thanks

  11. Otter says:

    I walked the east side of the Isle of Dogs two weeks back and saw that there was sheet piling work going on at Bay Wharf (which is just before, south of, the sand and gravel depot). This appears to be in accordance with a planning approval granted in 2007 for a new boat repair yard. The present boat repair yard will move there making way for northward extension of the Lovell’s Wharf development.

    No planning application in yet for the cruise liner terminal. It seems to be overdue. To be ready for 2012 sounds very unlikely and so concern about quality might well be justified. If any local organisation has been talking to the developers and hasn’t signed a confidentiality agreement, could they not let us know what they were talking about?

    No application in for the Syral site either. Rumoured to be a temporary car park during the Olympics (as might any promising bit of unoccupied ground) but what serious long-term plans?????????????????

  12. pat says:

    Did anyone notice this site in the background of the wonderful “Luther” on BBC1 this week?

  13. Darryl says:

    The Great Leader’s appearance is 10 minutes, 6 seconds in:

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  15. valley_girl says:

    I wondered if methers had the date for the old map of the Peninsula?

  16. methers says:

    Hey, I’m just a guy with Google. I don’t actually know anything!

    I can only put that old map in the 1880-1930 range. Hopefully someone with some real knowledge (Mary?) will be along soon to pin it down more accurately.

    It is a nice map though.

  17. methers says:

    Regarding that map again: no fire station on Woolwich Road. Dates it before 1902.

  18. pat says:

    re: the old map;
    I was amazed to see there was no Chevening Road! I had always assumed that it was the same age as all the other houses around and that it had always hugged the now Pleasaunce. How silly am I?

  19. Dave says:

    Its probably pre 1900 , there is a tram depot/stables shown on this map which was demolished in 1903. The power station on the same site was completed in 1908.

  20. Peter says:

    I would put the map just prior to 1892, there looks to be a proposed route of the blackwall ‘subway’ and the tunnel construction was started in 1892, so I wouldnt imagine it was a lot earlier, that and the map shows the tunnel approach road running through a building, so this leads me to believe it was a ‘proposed route’