But Is It Art?

I know, I know – but it would be churlish not to feel just a bit flattered that an art installation in East Greenwich Pleasaunce mentions Yours Truly…

I confess I don’t really know what to make of this installation – I mean, it’s fun, but what is it actually saying?

I think what it’s saying to me is that the venue is worth putting art in. Not that many years ago – what – six – seven (?)  it was an obscure, sweet little park that you might wander round and then forget. Now it’s a really happening place, with fun events (thanks to FoEGP – don’t think I didn’t notice actual famous people playing at last Sunday’s picnic) a really bustling cafe and ART.

And that’s why I tend to disagree with people who say that East Greenwich is ‘going downhill’ (though much of it is, of course, literally downhill…) Yes, we get the odd violent incident, exploding car, dodgy dog or theft (Big D – I hope your wife’s better soon) - but show me an area in London that doesn’t.

You only have to go back to our own local Poet Laureate C.Day-Lewis, slumming-it as schlock-pot-boiler-hack Nicholas Blake whose Crooms Hill detective won’t even venture into the wilds of Greenwich’s Orient in the fabulously mad The Worm of Death to see how far East Greenwich has come – (and this is the 1960s, not Dickens’s London). East Greenwich has always been a bit dodgy – it’s actually cleaned up its act (admittedly it didn’t have to do very much to do that) , though it does teeter on the edge of slipping back to times before the Millennium – I mean when Trafalgar Road can’t support a bookies, a lap-dancing club, a pachinko parlour, an offy OR a charity shop, we do have to start asking questions…

But back to the original question.  Why do I stay anonymous? It’s complicated, but hey, I’ll ’fess up. I might bang on about wanting to be able to review stuff without people knowing who I am, or say things I might not be able to otherwise, but actually the REAL reason the Phantom stays masked is here

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11 Comments to “But Is It Art?”

  1. scared of chives says:

    …so we have to look out for a really ugly person taking notes, pictures of the local area then…?

    (ooh, quick – there’s another exploding car outside. must dash :-)

  2. Bad Witch says:

    That is really cool! You are famous and unknown at the same time. Sort of like a superhero! (Do you fight crime when you aren’t writing about pubs, history and local gossip?)

  3. Ugly? Igor has nothing on me.

  4. Katrien says:

    I think the installation is actually quite good. There is more than what is shown in the picture.

  5. Benedict says:

    I wonder if the Phantom is really Banksy….

  6. Joe F says:

    Dear Phantom
    Thanks for today’s posting which led me to discover East Greenwich Pleasaunce and its attractive little cafe. Now let’s just keep it a secret between ourselves…

  7. badwitch says:

    I am The Phantom! – I mean I am Spartacus!

  8. Michael Kaye says:

    Hey Phantom, good to see you getting the coverage you deserve.

    Can I ask one thing of your blog posts? Could you link places you mention to Google Maps. That way I could quickly find where and what you writing about.

    Thanks, M.

  9. LGM says:

    How cool, finally your name up in lights :0)

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