A Favour For The Phantom

Guys – I understand that several of you are still having formatting or other problems with the site. As the world’s least technical Phantom, I’m not really qualified to do anything that requires more HTML than adding a link (and I sometimes get that wrong…) but I’d really like to get these issues ironed out.

So, pretty-please, as a favour to me, if you are experiencing problems would you EMAIL the phantom Webmaster - phantomwebmaster@thegreenwichphantom.co.uk with details as follows:

■what the issue is
■whether you are running Windows, a Mac or some species of Linux
■ what browser you are using (including the version, which you’ll usually find under Help -> About)
■whether this is happening on the front page, a category page, an article page or some combination of the above

Just what the Phantom Webmaster needs on a Monday morning, but hey…

3 Comments to “A Favour For The Phantom”

  1. Kevin says:

    Love the site. Just a quick comment about the new format…

    I would suggest that the comments link come at the bottom of a posting, as often its after reading a posting that you’d be interested in the comments… If the posting is long, then you have to scroll up to find the comments link.

  2. Steve says:

    Err, that link to “The Phantom Webmaster” doesn’t work! So what’s his/her email address?

  3. The Phantom Webmaster says:

    thephantomwebmaster@gmail.com, please, Steve. — TPW