The Phantom Returns

Endangered Asiain Elephant

I’m back!

After what seems like an age whilst the Phantom Webmaster courageously wrestled with the boggle I’d managed to get myself in with Blogger, I’m starting out afresh with a new look and a new zest for Greenwich life (Thank you, TPW!) Sorry it’s been so long – but thanks for waiting so patiently while technical issues were sorted out. We may still have some odd bugs and things – if anything looks really screwy in your browser, please do let me know…

I have to thank especially Kate and the Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce, too,¬†who offered the use of the park noticeboard while the site was down – a genius idea that I wish I’d actually not been too idle to take up Sorry. I lazed around instead.

But I’ve not been twiddling spectral thumbs ALL the time; I have been sniffing out some quirky fun stuff as well as collating some exciting (and in some cases distressing) new things to chat about with those of you who’ve had the patience to stick around.

I should warn you that I have a bulging mailbox after all this, so it may take some time to get round to answering everything everyone’s sent (I know, I know, plus ca change) but please don’t stop emailing with questions, suggestions, and general tittle-tattle…

Ooooh (cracks spectral knuckles) – it’s good to be back.

BTW if you’re wondering what the relevance of the photo is, there isn’t any – I’m just testing to see if I can make images appear – it’s of one of Greenwich’s supply of arty pachiderms in Elephant Parade to mark the endangered nature of the Asian elephant. This particular one looks rather more endangered than many.

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Endangered Asiain Elephant
Endangered Asian Elephant

elephant tiny
elephant tiny

13 Comments to “The Phantom Returns”

  1. Gwladys Street says:

    Glad you are back on line- here’s to the future.

    Don’t like this poor sad representation of an elephant who seems to pall even further in the company of his colourful compatriot over on the otherside of the path.

  2. Ah – yes – especially with that cannon pointed straight at his ear…

  3. Deb says:

    Beautiful new website.

  4. Benedict says:


  5. Bad Witch says:

    Glad your blog is back – looking very good. I may consider switching my blog to WordPress too in the future

  6. Kat says:

    Firstly welcome back! My idle time in work will again be filled!

    Secondly I had the pleasure of seeing the elephant parade in its entirety last september in Amsterdam. Nothing quite like looking at a colourful jolly little elephant as you stroll around town!

  7. IanVisits says:

    A bit of housekeeping.

    The comments are only visible in full in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    If I use either Firefox or Chrome, then only the first two comments are visible.


  8. The Phantom Webmaster says:

    Ian — what OS are you on, and which version of Firefox? I can’t reproduce this problem on FF/Safari/Opera — Phantom Webmaster

  9. stonemuse says:

    Looks good, welcome back

  10. Kat says:

    I am also using firefox and am unable to scroll down to the bottom of each blog (aside from this one strangely enough) so I cant view comments or make comments on other posts. I could earlier but for some reason this has now stopped.

    The front page just cuts off half way down and you cant scroll it down to the bottom to continue reading.

  11. Kat says:

    btw its firefox 3.0.6 I am running

  12. Alipom says:

    Welcome, back, Phantom.

    Like Kat, I can’t scroll down the blog on the home page (but others seem fine, including comments). I’m running Safari 4.0.5.

  13. scared of chives says:

    is the phantom webmaster going to develop an iphone app…?