Summer Chores

Now that the sun’s finally out, and Greenwich folk are emerging, blinking into the light of day, they’re discovering the truth about some of the ghastly things that happened to their houses during the long, long winter. So I’ve put two houseproud readers together for this one, and, not having any suggestions  myself, hope you good people can help out here… 

Susan asks:

“The outside of our house needs a coat of paint and my husband is scared of heights so we really need a professional.
Can anyone recommend a good, reliable local decorator who doesn’t charge crazy prices?”

And Roofless:

“Over the winter our house lost a couple of slates. Can anyone recommend a local tiler who will just replace a couple of tiles and not try to persuade us to get the whole lot done?”

Any ideas, guys?

3 Comments to “Summer Chores”

  1. alasdair says:

    I would recomend a painter called Stoyka. Very reasonably priced and a very high standard of work. He can be contacted on 07737 000995

  2. Polly says:

    I can highly recommend A&J Seymour 01634 711046. I live in Blackheath and Alan and his son Jason were recommended to me by a colleague at work. Over the past 4 years they have painted my whole house inside and out to a very high standard. They are such nice guys, we give them a key to the house and they get on with it. They clean up after themselves each day (even embarassed me by doing the washing up!). They will quote for a whole job or you can pay them by the day. I cant recommend them highly enough as you can see!

  3. Peaches says:

    Thanks Polly for your recommendation for a decorator. Got in touch with Alan Seymour who came to do a quote for painting the outside of our house and a couple of rooms inside too. Sadly we didn’t hear from him again. Very disappointing.