I Scream

What does a Phantom have to do to get a decent ice cream round here? Out shopping with non-Greenwich pals in the market on Sunday we were suddenly struck by the desire for a nice cornet or, even perhaps, to push the boat out and treat ourselves to a 99. To my shame I couldn’t think of a single place that serves good ice cream.

Even now I can’t think of anywhere that does anything other than your bog-standard Cornettos (barring the theatre, which requires a small mortgage to buy a microscopic tub of Loseleys and even then you’d have to time your cravings for intervals.)

I vowed last time I bought a cone from one of the dodgy vans outside the Park which, as usual, collapsed within seconds, never to buy one from there again, but is there any real choice around here? Even the Victorians had their penny licks.

In my dreams there would be one of those Italian gelaterias in, oh, I don’t know where… the old Silver Street Sudios would be a great venue, or maybe the Cricketers/W-Lounge/Powder/Moneky/Tiki Lounge/Dead Pub. Or perhaps the nasty sandwich shop that closed down in Greenwich Church Street could be reinvented as an ice cream and soda parlour, 1950s, stylee. 

The Phantom Gelateria would have dozens of artisanal flavours, created by Nonna in the on-site kitchen,  ready to be scooped into little waffle-cones for saucer-eyed spectres.  On cooler days I’d sit inside, perched on a little stool with a knickerbocker glory almost as big as me, complete with maraschino cherries and petticoat tails.

I’m pretty sure I’d know if there was one of those knocking around, but are we really stuck with ‘newsagent’s choice’  – between a Magnum and a Strawberry Mivvi? And Greenwich calls itself a tourist town.

Maybe I’ve had a total brainstorm and I’ve forgotten the obvious Gelateria Paradiso of Greenwich High Road. But if I haven’t, a business opportunity beckons for a Nonna with tutti-fruitti skills…

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Phantom ice cream
Phantom ice cream

12 Comments to “I Scream”

  1. Paul says:

    Fortunately I have a fearless investigative reporter on hand who has covered this issue comprehensively.

    Best of the bunch is Buenos Aires, ROyal Hill; £1.95 for a single cone, but it’s hand made, Dulche de Leche is a real fave, they do a proper mint and chocolate chip, always a good range of flavours.

    Biscuit (the shop where kids can paint their own pottery) on Nelson Road has pretty good icecream, too, from memory it’s pretty pricey for a bought-in brand. Then there’s the place in the little white Nash building by the park opening, which ain’t bad (altho every time I go in I wonder why they were compelled to convert a window into a door and disrupt the whole fee of the building).

    Finally, they serve icecream at the side of the Pavilion Tea House; I think it’s pretty good, certainly there was a queue of about 40 yummy mummies and their kids there Monday lunchtime.

    Overall, I’d say Greenwich does pretty well on the icecream front, altho only Buenos Aires gets close to Patisserie Valerie, the one new outlet that makes the refurbished Spitalfields bearable.

  2. Mmm. Dulce de Leche…

  3. Maureen says:

    Nevada Street Deli has brilliant ice cream. We love it. In fact, might go there today, now that I’m thinking about it…

  4. greenwich Rant-On says:

    What about the Ben and Gerry’s ice cream parlour by the DLR in central Greenwich. DOH

  5. D’oh – of course…

  6. Wendy says:

    I had an ice cream from the Cow and Coffee Bean (?) at the bottom entrance to the park on Saturday, and that was good if a little pricey. Also there was an ice cream stall IN the market on Saturday.
    My question is where to find iced coffee? So far it only seems to be Starbucks. Does anyone know of another place?

  7. Stephen aka. Latelygay says:

    What happened to the simplicity and happy pleasure of a slice of Walls ice cream in between two wafers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. pete says:

    Silver Street Studios [4 nevada st] did sell ice cream for many years but i believe this was before the ice cream vans were banned and they had to contend with upto three vans on their doorstep every weekend.

  9. Dave says:

    The cafe in East Greenwich Pleasuance sells Winstones ice cream from the Cotswolds

  10. methers says:

    If you find yourself over the other side of the heath, the ice cream in the freezer cabinet in Hand Made Foods always looks enticing.

  11. Sky says:

    There’s a new stand in the Greenwich Market which sells handmade ice cream in awesome unique flavors…chocolate/vanilla swirl with chunks of peanut butter is my favorite. It’s located in the little tunnel that opens out onto College Approach.

  12. Ru says:

    I’ve heard the market stall selling ice cream is divine! Pity it might not be there much longer if GHT have there way.