Walking Home

Crane Street – pretty by day – okay by night?
Aine asks:

“I’m moving to East Greenwich soon (Pelton Road) and was wondering if it’s safe for a girl to walk or cycle on her own back from working in East London? Are the foot tunnel and Crane Street ok at night/commuter hours?”

The Phantom replies:

Well, nowhere’s totally safe – but I’d say that, during ‘commuter hours,’ especially, there’s really no issue at all with either the foot tunnel or Crane Street. Until recently there were lift attendants in the foot tunnel (when the lift was actually working.) There won’t be any once it’s been ‘upgraded’ though they promise Fort Knox-level CCTV. I guess the question will be if anyone’s actually watching it late at night. But during ‘commuter hours’ the tunnel’s very busy – your worst threat will be naughty non-dismounting cyclists whizzing past you.

I will be happier all-round once the hoardings around the Cutty Sark/new pier/tunnel works are gone and there are fewer places for generic bad people to hang around – but really, I think it’s never been safer round there – especially with the Brewery open and porters at the gates either end of the ORNC.

Crane Street is well-lit – and with its couple of pubs, there are usually people around – I don’t really see much (or indeed anything) in the way of trouble – you’d be worse off in the centre of town late on a Friday or Saturday night (I’ve never forgotten the woman who got hit by a bottle by a drunk who was actually aiming at his ‘mate’ ). People spill out onto the pavement around the Trafalgar Tavern of a sunny evening, and even in the winter there’s ‘stuff’ going on, with the university and sundry events.

Very late at night, you might choose to be more careful – as as one might anywhere late at night on one’s own. And of course in the depths of winter it gets a bit more lonely than in the summer when the evenings are light and there are plenty of people about.

I guess the bit just by the power station might be thought of as a potential hazard – but it’s not much – the Cutty Sark pub and the Thames path attract plenty of people.

IMHO there’s really no problem if you use a bit of common sense – but others here might have cautionary tales.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    both places have always seemed very safe to me at all times and in all seasons. Presumably the police could provide some stats on the number of reported crimes against the person in those areas. If not, perhaps one of the local papers could help.

  2. Capability Bowes says:

    Why the sudden upsurge in people asking about the safety (or otherwise) of moving to Pelton Road recently?

  3. will says:

    CB – good question. Maybe because those Lovells flats (or riverside apartments if you're doing the flogging) are becoming occupied? I'd imagine the developer is keen to get people in as soon as they can.

  4. Kratch says:

    I'm with you GP: I think it's perfectly safe, but would never dream of using it late at night unless I was with someone else, simply because at various stages the path isn't overlooked by residential housing, and there are lots of places for Someone to lurk. Possibly a bit paranoid, but You Can't Be Too Careful.

  5. Marmoset says:

    This came up today and seemed relevant to your comments on the centre of Greenwich. Phone rage!


  6. Mary says:

    The local police panel meets tonight (7.30 Tom Smith Community Room). They always hand round nice charts with coloured blobs on them for different sorts of crime. I will hopefully have some info later tonight or tomorrow.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I live in the building next to the power station (the block of flats not Trinity hospice). I've never had any problems walking back though I usually only walk along the river before or around pub closing times,generally not after as they are fewer people around. If it's after 12 and I'm rather merry then I would walk along the main road (Traflagar) that way home where there is always traffic.
    Of course as the phantom says you do need to be careful anywhere but I've never had a problem in Greenwich and I've lived here 2 1/2 years now (and I'm a terrible old soak!)

  8. Mary says:

    Right – at the police panel tonight we didn't get a map with coloured blobs on it for street crime locally because the police said there were so few incidents thst it wasn't worth producing one. They did say however that if people have complaints about a particular pub or community building to get in touch with Sgt.MacVicar currently at Westcombe Park Police Station peninsula.snt@met.police.uk 020 8721 2633

  9. Dave says:


    Trinity Hospice ? I hope not, unless I've got some terrible illness that I know nothing about