Under Construction

People who use Blogger may or may not be aware that the very, very few of us who use it via FTP rather than just as straight-ahead blog software are just about to get chucked off, as part of Blogger’s tidying-up programme. We have until the beginning of May to pack our cyber belongings into a red spotty handkerchief on a stick and head off into the sunset.

The Phantom Webmaster and I have been trying to work out a way we can shift everything – blog, archives, other pages and comments – somewhere new without losing too much stuff. It’s a huge job – there are currently over 1600 posts on the main page alone, and it will require much doffing of the tricorn, major sucking-up and Chinese restaurant meals for TPW in the months to come.

Over the next few days, we (actually I say ‘we’ in the sense that of ‘The Phantom Webmaster’) will be testing out pages and transfers. It’s entirely possible stuff will be going awry – and we’re not quite sure how awry that will be. It could be comments, posts, archives, or, if I’m really unlucky, the entire blog. Gulp.

TPW assures me it’s all backed up, but – well, I may have my Phantom knickers down for a few days. Expect site-weirdness.

BTW don’t panic if you’re with Blogger and you think you might get chucked out. If you publish via FTP you’ll know, and you will have been aware of the issue for a long time.

One Comment to “Under Construction”

  1. Benedict says:

    Good luck with all that(I have no idea what the difference between FTP and Blogger is/was/will be ) and I hope the Webmaster isnt put off the task at hand with disgarded twisted undergarments.