Question Time at Greenwich

Jon asks:

“I hear that BBC Question Time with David Dimbleby is coming to Greenwich for it’s post-debate show on 22 April. Have you heard which building it will be held in?”

The Phantom replies:

After calling several BBC ‘help’ lines I realised that you know more than anyone at the BBC, Jon (or at least more than anyone who’s supposed to be dealing with tickets, or indeed, Question Time was prepared to say.) And the website ain’t telling either.

So I can only guess. If it’s at Greenwich Theatre the cast of The Little Hut might be a tad peeved. It could be the lecture hall at the Old Royal Naval College, but it’s not particularly huge. Ditto the Octagon Room at the Observatory, though it is very pretty to look at. I did notice stuff going on at the old Trident Hall next door to the Trafalgar this morning but I can’t for a second think it would be held there.

So, in a nutshell I don’t know. But if you want tickets for the mystery event, call 0871 626 9988

11 Comments to “Question Time at Greenwich”

  1. badwitch says:

    On that site it says Question Time is looking for a location:

    "a large space measuring 20m x 15m x 7.5m high or a tiered seated venue with a flat floor area in front of the seats measuring 10m deep x 14m wide x 7.5m high, in order to leave enough space for all the production facilities."

  2. Creekside8 says:

    It's at Laban in Deptford – they always refer to it as Greenwich!

  3. Marmoset says:

    If that's correct, Creekside8, it wouldn't surprise me. I live in Deptford (Lewisham Borough) and a got an election communication from the Greenwich and Woolwich prospective candidate yesterday.

  4. Marmoset says:

    ''a got??'' whoops, ''I got.''

  5. Sunay Modesto Khan says:

    So it's not at Cafe Del Sol after all?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bar Du Musée will be the location, surely?

    It's big enough…

  7. Benedict says:

    …Peter De Witts cafe….

  8. scared of chives says:

    Benedict – what a ridiculous suggestion…

    …Oliver's bar is far more suitable

  9. Ben says:

    I'm fairly sure it will be held at the naval college. I have it on fairly good advice from one of the cameramen who works on it.

  10. Creekside8 says:

    Yep, definitely Laban.