Prince Albert Turns In His Grave

Adrian just sent me this, and for a moment I thought he’d just done a photoshop image to wind me up.

The food had better be damn good.

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  1. Philip says:

    A while ago I posted a nice comment about the prince of Greenwich and the good job the new owners have been doing only to find out that the phantom has deleted it.
    That’s a bit mean, isn’t it?
    We are in 2010
    RIP the prince of Greenwich

  2. Mickey Tibbs says:

    So being in 2010 means turing previously good, traditional South East London pubs into crappy out-of-place bistros?

    Sorry I’m with you now…

    It’s nearly 2011, maybe someone who knows how to run a pub will return to Royal Hill…

  3. Philip says:

    We have been at the prince last Sunday for lunch, the food was excellent.

    Get in early or you can’t find a seat, it’s usually packed.

  4. Mickey Tibbs says:

    Packed? That’s very funny. Can’t wait for it to be a real pub again, and not run by a couple of amateurs.

  5. yee haa says:

    Had a lovely time last night and will return, despite the Greenwich Phantom!

  6. Simon says:

    My family and I went last Sunday and I must say the food was superb.
    Well worth a visit!

  7. John Kemp says:

    This used to be the best pub in Greenwich, shame that a couple of amateurs have ruined it…

  8. Philip says:

    The prince Albert was an horrible pub, it is lovely now

  9. John Kemp says:

    You can hardly even call it a pub anymore! Such a shame…

    Stupid/meaningless name. Won’t be around much longer fingers crossed…

    RIP Prince Albert…

  10. Philip says:

    I think it will be around for a long time, it is a lovely pub.

  11. Andy says:

    Been today, it was very busy and the food was excellent.

    I recommend it.

  12. Gilbert Glen says:

    Why is this article called “Prince Albert Turns In His Grave” then?

    Crap ‘pub’ now…

  13. Andy says:

    What’s wrong in saying that the food at the prince was excellent???

  14. Simon says:

    The prince is a very nice pub.

    Love it

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  16. Matt says:

    Go on Frank!!!

  17. Jack says:

    I think they have taken a backwards step with this pub. Have to agree with some of the previous comments. The old pub had its flaws, but why would you chose the “Prince of Greenwich” either the Greenwich union or the Richard? Can’t see a reason…

  18. Rose says:

    I love The Prince

  19. Jen says:

    I spent new year”s eve at The Prince and had a great time, the food was very good.

  20. John Kemp says:

    Always empty…

  21. Mark says:

    The Prince is such a nice place

  22. Pedro says:

    Philip, your comment is still there – but it’s on a previous page. This is the thread that keeps on growing. Unlike the pub’s clientele. The place was full for the Residents Assoc meeting, and for a couple of events, but otherwise all you see in there is tumbleweed, blowing across the open spaces.

    I feel sorry for the guys – and for the building.

  23. Jen says:

    I go often to The Prince and it is usually quite busy.

    We must not forget that it only open a few months ago and it take time for new businesses to grow.
    I think it is a very nice place and I can see that more and more people are thinking like me.

  24. London Visitor says:

    Today we visited this pub after a guided tour of greenwich. We were very dissapointed with the lack of choice on the menu (just 4 items available). The soup was off and there were no sandwiches avaiable. The customer service of the management was dreadful, and they used foul language in front of our three young children.
    We waited 40 minutes for our food and had had to ask several times where it was. After making our feelings known to the management we were told that we were taking the P**s and that we would even have to wait at McDonalds. (I don’t know which one they go to).
    I will be fair and say that the food was flavourful once it arrived although the pasta dishes were tepid and the side dishes were non-existent. The prices are over inflated for the portion sizes and the quality of service. I would NOT reccommend this establishment to larger groups or families with children (they do not have a children menu available) and they are seemingly ill equipped to deal with either.

  25. Ann says:

    Oh I am very surprised!
    My husband and I use The Prince very often and the service is alway very good.
    The food is alway excellent and fresh, I met the owners and they are very nice and kind with my two kids.
    I don’t take my kids at McDonalds but I know that there a few pubs around these days that do an homemade menu, where dishes are made to order like they do at The Prince, may be that’s why sometime you have to wait a bit but it is worth it.

    I don’t find the prince pricy at all as this west Greenwich and pubs on royal hill are far more expensive
    A lot of local families are using The Prince including mine and it seems that everyone has a good time.
    I will speak to the owners about this and hear their side of the story….

  26. Paul says:

    I thought I write this after seeing a lot of pathetic comments about the guys that own The Prince.

    I went there tonight and I have a lovely meal, best in ages, no many places serve food like The Prince in Greenwich.

    I travel a lot and I eat out a few times a week.

    I must say, the food is excellent.

    Well done to the guys down The Prince.

    I will be back and next time I won’t be alone.

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  28. Fran says:

    I have been there with two friends tonight and would say that the service is good but the food is not.

    All of our meals were very small for the price we paid.

    I had fish and chips for nearly £10 and wish I had gone to Davys wine bar instead for a similar price and much better taste and value.

  29. Paul says:

    It sounds as if someone is try to promote Davys.

  30. Guys – for those of you who have just come on here to talk about the Prince of Greenwich there is a much newer post with much fresher opinions on it.