Pelton Road

John asks:

“We are considering a house move from West Greenwich to East Greenwich to Pelton Road, close to the Pelton Arms pub. We really like the area but don’t really know much about it. Any issues we should be aware of?”

The Phantom replies:

The Pelton Road area is a very interesting one, and one that I keep meaning to write about historically. I’m quite a fan of it myself. I like the funny little roads like Caradoc, Hadrian and Bradyll Streets, with their cute terraces and straight-onto-the-street frontages (I particularly like the way Caradoc Street curves so it’s always a slight surprise where I end up…) which were so ‘typical’ of South London’s recent past they were used as a set for the recent Only Fools and Horses prequel.

And I really like Pelton Road itself, a street of two sides – the lovely, tight terraces on the east, larger terraces on the west, with decorations ever so slightly above their station – huge downstairs windows and just-that-little-bit-too-big ornamentations, which lift my heart every time I see them. I also like the (not unbroken, but still nice) picket fencing around them which gives them a distinctive neighbourhood feel. Annoyingly I don’t seem to be able to find photos of either of my favourite parts of Pelton Road.

Closer to the main road, there are some post-war infill flats. Be careful as you walk past in the summer – I’ve been water-bombed by oiks as I’ve walked past and I’ve seen the little tykes do it to others, too. It’s not all bad – I always enjoy looking at someone’s rather splendid collection of decanters on a ground-floor windowsill as I walk past (in the Phantom sou’wester…) There are more little terraced houses in the streets still owned by the Morden Estate. There are also a couple of good cottages on Pelton Road itself.

Hmm. Things to look out for. Well, obviously no one really knows what Lovell’s Wharf will bring us (apart from a bricked-up Thames Path, of course.) I suspect much of the really heavy work in Pelton Road itself is over now, but I wouldn’t discount heavy construction vehicles, dust and noise.

The Pelton Arms itself has gone from being a frankly unexciting place to being somewhere I actively choose to go to. The new guv’nor has really upped the ante with bands, good food, themed nights and free cheese on Sundays (you can’t go wrong with free cheese…) Don’t be fooled, though, by what have to be the most inviting looking seats in Greenwich, in the corner by the open fire. You’ll walk in, think ‘Wow – we’re in luck!’ and quickly nab said squashy seats before red-facedly sloping off to somewhere else five minutes later to cool down.

I’m sure you’re not the kind of person that moves in next door to a music pub then complains there’s music going on – but do bear in mind that very close to the pub might be a little louder in the summer.

The other pub, the Royal Standard, isn’t quite so well regarded, despite its splendid mascot ; the noise from here is not music related. I don’t know how much actual trouble they get, but anecdotally, I’ve heard that it gets loud at closing time.

Trotting on, I’ve already mentioned the water-bomb menace from the flats (actually it’s not that bad, happily the little herberts are dreadful shots); I’m not aware of any other trouble.

Something you might want to look out for is the Catholic church at the end. The church itself is rather sweet, and I really like the Priest’s House, but I understand that they keep trying (and so far failing) to develop their community hall into ‘luxury’ flats. It all went quiet with the economic downturn, but now money’s tighter than ever, the proposal could rear its ugly head again.

And then there’s the playground, that can’t have seen a child for bloomin’ decades. It was clearly a lovely little corner once – it’s been landscaped and just at the moment its overgrown charms include naturalised bulbs and blossom from once properly planted trees. I assume it belongs to the school though how any inner city school has enough land they can just let some go to waste is beyond me. In my heart I would love to see it going back to being a little community garden (it would make a great urban orchard) but every time I pass it I wonder how long it will be before some grasping developer notices it.

And that’s all the news that I can think is fit to print. I know people who read this blog live round there. Why is it so great? What’s not so good? Do tell…

23 Comments to “Pelton Road”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The worst thing about Pelton Road and that whole area is the enormous piles of dog mess that the dogs' damned inconsiderate owners leave all over the place. Particularly guilty of this are the owners of some enormous Great Danes which leave Alp-sized deposits of a positively Baskervillean nature. Why isn't the council prosecuting these people?

  2. Old China says:

    Isn't the Cutty Sark Tavern a stones throw from the end of Pelton Street? If I lived on Pelton Street I'd be in the Tavern all the time, I love it. Great ales and right next to the river.

    Oh yes, and the river's on your door step too!

    I also heard rumours of a new pier being built around there. Anyone know if that's true?

  3. Anonymous says:

    When you talk about the "playground" are you referring, I wonder, to the site of the old Robert Owen Nursery School? The school relocated ten years ago and the site has been derelict since. The land is still owned, I believe, by Greenwich Council awaiting an upturn to be sold on to developers.
    More flats anyone?

  4. Mary says:

    Phantom – a couple of things.
    First: the river walk at Lovells – I know that in the great world of what is going on there this is just a little, little thing to comment on – but – with reference to the wall, the fence, and the big hole the other side – That hole is more or less where the archaeologists found the 12th century tide mill – (and I think they are still digging on the site). I did just wonder if a little notice about it on the fence might go down well – I'll see what I can do but it might not be possible.

    The little playground area is, yes, the old Robert Owen site, and it has either been sold, or is about to be, sold. Among the trees there are a magnolia and a quince and they really need to be kept an eye on – particularly in the context of any future plans for the site.
    So – back to the river walk – some fancy railings which I thought had walked have reappeared. And the dog mess was down to nil this morning.
    Perhaps – it will all get better, and the dogs will behave themselves too.

  5. daveh48 says:

    I've lived in Pelton Road for many years and on the whole it's a friendly place but the one problem is the Royal Standard. As far as I know no local residents use the place and the type of clientele it does have you certainly wouldn't want as neighbours. In the summer months there is quite a lot of noise from people who congregate outside the pub (Conversations littered with foul language) and weekends, with the "Sing-A-Long" it's even worse.

    They do have double glazing etc to keep the noise down but each time the door is opened the music (?) drifts out and this can carry on well past midnight. Add to this the minicabs pulling up, the slamming doors of the customers cars (Makes parking a nightmare at weekends) and with the obligatory shouting of "See-Ya!" it's very rare that you get peace and quiet Fri-Sun before 1:00 AM.

    Also there is quite a lot of traffic weekdays as it's used as a rat-run and foot traffic at night from people walking home from other public houses in the area.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Pelton road is a great location. It's so close to everything and amazing to have the river at the end of the street. It is true about the dog poo, you have to watch your step – but aside from that it is a great place to live, and feels much more quiet and community based than central Greenwich. East Greenwich is very up and coming, with new cafes, shops and restaurants gradually opening up on Trafalgar rd, and the Lovells Wharf development will bring a lot of money to the area too. Look at how many 'young professionals' get off the train at Maze Hill, and you can tell East Greenwich is becoming trendier and more desirable.

  7. scared of chives says:

    @ Anonymous 18:33

    You must live in a different East Greenwich to me. Are you an estate agent based in there, by any chance?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I lived on Pelton Road for three years and enjoyed my time there greatly. There's really nothing like walking home from Greenwich town centre of an evening, past the Naval College, the Sailor's hospital, the power station, and up the cobbles, to your home. Beautiful.

    The only big problem with Pelton Road, for me anyway, was the Royal Standard. It's an absolute dive, and the noise from it is terrible. For reasons entirely unexplainable considering how residential the area is, the pub has a late-licence until midnight on a Friday and Saturday which means that, as already mentioned by someone else,once the racket of karaoke has stopped, the sound of people chatting outside whilst waiting for cabs, can easily go on until 1.00am. I also remember one especially cheery Sunday when a man had his head put through the round porthole window in the pub's frontdoor, and the police refused to enter the pub to investigate. Lovely.

    Basically, lovely road, but avoid the Royal Standard end of it if you can.

  9. Anonymous says:

    'scared of chives' No – I'm not an estate agent, far from it! But I live on Pelton Road and we really love it here. We weren't sure about the area before we bought here but now we're really happy we did. We have a child now and I think this is a good place to grow up. We will live here for a long time to come

  10. Mary says:

    Another quick little note from me – about the rat running – there should be a note round to residents soon about some proposals to stop this.
    And – the Royal Standard – its always possible, of course, for residents to ask for a licence review – although it helps if the police back up what you say. I know some residents have recently made some suggestions for smallish changes, but I am far from sure if they have been taken up.

  11. scared of chives says:

    Hi anon – great, I love East Greenwich too – but still unsure about it being 'up and coming' and having stuff opening on Trafalgar Road.

    Perhaps I've just not noticed…

  12. Anonymous says:

    To be honest it is a really nice idea to move East after living West – it gives you a completely different experience of Greenwich. You have the river much closer, use a different entrance to the park, tend to see more of the historic part of town, and Trafalgar Rd – despite its detractors – is genuinely useful.

  13. Anonymous says:

    But not as useful as Royal Hill….

  14. Anonymous says:

    So John, did you decide to move to Pelton Road after all?

  15. Lynn47001 says:

    Really interested to read your comments about the area. I live on the South Coast but my husband’s great grandparents lived in Caradoc Street (No. 35) during the turn of the 20th century. I found this out while researching our family history. Moody was their family name. I am interested about the plaques up on the front of some of the buildings (with a horse) – can anyone tell me about these or any other history about Caradoc Street?

  16. I believe the plaques are actually of a lion. They are the sign of Morden College, an alms charity that owns large swathes of Greenwich even today (if it’s a horse, then I don’t know what they are.) The almshouses are on Blackheath paid for by Greenwich rents.

  17. Lynn47001 says:

    Thank you Greenwich Phantom, yes on closer inspection it is a lion! Your information has allowed me to research further on the internet. Thanks again.

  18. Anonymous says:

    About the Royal Standard Does anybody know if any residents has ever asked for a licence review? That place is awful and really noisy in the week end with the karaoke. I cannot believe that the council granted the pub a late-licence on the week end.

  19. Kelly says:

    Hi AAnonymous

    I haven’t heard of any licence review, are you a resident of Pelton road? Perhaps we need to get a residents group together?
    To be honest, we have our own problems, not with the Pelton Arms (which we think is a great pub), but with the new housing association flats in Lovell Wharf. Anyone else concerned?


  20. Eco Girl says:

    Why does the Pelton Arms also have a sign saying The Nags Head? My Good Pub Guide says it was due to it being used for a location for a tv program. Was this for the Only Fools & Horses Prequel the Phantom mentioned at the beginning?

  21. Indeedy – it was a couple of years ago now. It was going to be called Sex & Drugs and Rock and Chips, but ended up just being Rock and Chips – perhaps because of the Andy Serkis?Ian Dury film

  22. Of course that should read Andy Serkis/Ian Dury film – Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I think that a resident group is a great idea, but I have no idea how to start it.Do you?
    What are the issues with the housing association flats in Lovell Wharf?