Fluffy Hustings

Kate of the Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce has been thinking about the forthcoming elections and is musing on an idea. She says:

“Because we will be getting a new Councillor due to Chris Roberts moving wards, the Friends like the idea of holding a local hustings for candidates for Peninsula ward. All candidates would be invited, there is no hidden agenda, just an opportunity to meet the candidates away from all the flyers we’re getting and get a feel for them and how they view our patch of Greenwich. This could be a bit random, but we’d aim to have it over in a hour (90 mins?) so it’s not long and boring.

So far the Candidates we have approached have been receptive to the idea, but we need to make sure there is sufficient local interest to warrant their (and our) time – Would Peninsula people be interested or is this a major yawn?”

So what do you think folks? It’s obvious we must be a slightly marginal seat, otherwise Our Illustrious Leader wouldn’t have scuttled off to a comfier, safer one, so there is the chance that there’s a bit more to fight for here. If Kate and Co. organised a ‘fluffy hustings’, would you go?

3 Comments to “Fluffy Hustings”

  1. Eleanor Rigby says:

    Great idea

  2. scared of chives says:

    …I was looking for a name for my cat…

  3. Anonymous says:

    This, of course, is a magnificent idea. The hustings will make local politics local again, as well as helping to boot out the (apparently) Right Honourable career politicians (I'm thinking of you Roberts) who take votes for granted. I know Kate trust her to do an excellent job. Let's stop stumping up cash to politicians who don't deserve it, and force them to the stump!!! I eagerly await the hustings…