The Tuesday Of Discontent

If you’re of a timid sort of nature, might be a good idea to stay in bed tomorrow. If you’re of the lobbying sort, then you’ll need to make a choice as to which punch-up to go to…

It’s a big day for NOGOE – the council planning board meeting for the Olympic equestrian events to be held in Greenwich Park. NOGOE themselves will be officially represented, but if you wish to speak, either for or against the proposals, then you’ll need to ‘book’ a space. You will have to contact Committee Services – either by telephone, 020 8291 6311/5102/5857/5145, or email It’s probably worth bearing in mind that the meeting won’t be going on forever, so it’s not worth preparing massive speeches.

The meeting’s at 6.30pm at Woolwich Town Hall…

…Which means that if you were hoping to attend the Olympics debate AND the The River Bar for a meeting between residents, the bar owner and the council (clearly councillors are earning their keep tomorrow evening) the fact that it’s at 6.00pm means you’ll have about ten minutes before you have to leave for the horsey stuff.

The beef with the River Bar is, I understand, that instead of the lovely, loungey riverside restaurant that we were all so excited about this time last year, it’s turned into a very noisy nightclub that doesn’t even have a kitchen. I confess I was a bit puzzled when I turned up hoping to eat just before Christmas after having been told it was serving traditional British Food, and found just a large empty space and people drinking bottled beer.

If you look at the website you’ll see the sort of thing they do – food is only mentioned as ‘coming soon.’ Apparently they specialise in noisy ‘special events’ – tribute acts, club-nights etc, which, given that the rest of the building is residential, isn’t really on. Apparently the owner applies for – and gets – temporary events notices that allow these nights to go on to the early hours and the guys upstairs are finding it hard to sleep. The place is currently the recipient of a noise abatement order.

It’s such a shame – I was so looking forward to a riverside restaurant – especially if (when) the Section 106 on the development next door kicks in and the Thames Path will go straight past it. Residents are hoping that the owner will be made to go back to to Plan A and have that lovely relaxed restaurant-bar it was granted permission for and. I confess, as a non-clubbing Phantom, from a purely selfish point of view, I’m with them. I’d definitely go to a fabbo riverside restaurant. You won’t be catching me at the Glitz and Glamour launch night – even if it does have an award-winning DJ…

If all the aggro’s not your cup of Black Coffee, try going instead to Borough Town Hall at 2.30pm to see a new PRS Heritage Music Award plaque unveiled. It’s for local lads Squeeze, who played their first gig there when it was the Greenwich Dance Hall in 1975 (and which didn’t have a load of flats immediately above the dancefloor). Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford will be there, to see themselves following Blur, Dire Straits and Jethro Tull in being immortalised in ceramic.

17 Comments to “The Tuesday Of Discontent”

  1. Mary says:

    Tomorrow – there are still all the regular council meetings going on. Just because there is something big at the planning board don't think that most councillors don't have to be somewhere else – and in most cases several somewhere elses

  2. Anonymous says:

    I confess I've not been to the River Bar but the photos suggest there are lots of people that do. When you think how few people frequented the restaurant/pub that shut down next door (SE10 bar?) you can see that currently (with no river walk) a trendy relaxed bar will just not be viable. I guess they need this niche to make money. Agreed not great if you live above though but if you buy a property above a unit that has planning permission for food/leisure you kind of have to live with the risk. I guess the problem is Wood Wharf had a lot of rich punters buy flats and in the end they are surrounded by a rough estate, a noisy kids play ground and now a noisy club. Not a great investment!

  3. Pedro says:

    How kind of you, anonymous! They must be rich, so they can afford to have a lot of banging music emanating thru the floorboards and oiks puking up outside!

    I am not a resident, and I would always be cynical of developers' promised before I moved in to such a place, but it's pretty obvious, even by its name, that Greenwich Bar and Grill is a very cynical exercise, pretending to be something much more innocuous than they turned out to be.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pedro, I know the area well and did actually consider buying here and indeed saw the showroom, but I decided not to for the very reason of the plans. Buying anywhere above an A3 planning consent menas you could be living above anything from a posh wine bar to a greasy chip/kebab shop (or indeed noisy bar). I don't disagree that the residents should not suffer, all i am saying is it does not suprise me.

  5. Robin says:

    I live in Wood Wharf, and I am not rich! Remember there are key worker apartments there too. Not to mention the care home the other side of the road; and dismissing everyone in the other surrounding blocks as 'rough' is pretty offensive and narrow-minded. Aside from my personal opinion (that the place is utterly naff), the bar/nightclub provides absolutely nothing to the local community in this area (unlike the kids playground, which although noisey at times provides a great service in keeping the kids off the streets). It is frequently in breach of its licence, and serves only to attract drunken youths to an otherwise peaceful residential area. Student nights, Poker nights, ladies nights, speed dating, guests from X Factor, no food… this is something suitable for a city centre bar, not a quiet residential venue. Frankly I hope that it goes out of business, and can be replaced with somewhere that the local community can enjoy. A local community which will soon swell in numbers when the neighbouring development is completed.

  6. Fat Cat says:

    I love the sentiment that if you are perceived to be rich then you should just accept having to live in a noisy hell hole. I do not accept that any business should be able to disturb its neighbours in any circumstances. If I started having regular late night parties on my property this would quite rightly not be tolerated. For some reason pubs and bars seem to think they can behave differently.

  7. Anonymous says:

    We made the effort to walk along one afternoon and can safely was very disappointed. Wasn't allowed upstairs as they were getting ready for the night time. People actually pay 200 quid for a booth for 10 people upstairs. No food on, just a large open space downstairs which is quite obviously set up as a nightclub. I feel sorry for the neighbours especially the estate which is housed right next to it – imagine the queues of people going in late at night and they are queueing outside your bedroom. Must be some serious noise issues there. Bad idea and i would be seriosuly peeved if i were a local resident.

  8. lula says:

    This is so awful!! I used to live in Wood Wharf, and really was looking forward to the restaurant opening – but if it's a noisy bar, that's terrible! I really feel for the people living there – particualrly at the front of the building.

    I hope it gets sorted soon.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Any feedback on how both meetings went? Ta

  10. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    22.51 – the Olympic meeting's still going on. If you're on twitter, @darryl1974 is tweeting the meeting.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Seb Co is on LBC at the moment (23:25) – says vote 10:2 to allow it go go through. Still subject to 1871 law action.

  12. Kieran says:

    Hi All,

    Kieran here.

    I would say yesterdays mediation meeting was alittle one sided but that was to be expected. Im not going to go into a long winded story but the bottom line is this – we used temp events to provide finance for the kitchen. Unless you own a bar restaurant then you would understand that – i do understand that its not your fault but i did hold a couple of residents meetings explaining my financial difficulty. My dream is always to have a trendy restaurant with a top chef. Hopefully i can still acheive this. Have nice tourist , local resident trade – that would be fantatic.

    I would never wish for anyone else's business to be closed down i think that quite unfair personally.

    Well anyway ive used up my temp event notices purely for financial reasons for the year. Within a month we launch a restaurant and try to make that the best place to eat in Greenwich only time will tell if it is possible for it too succeed.

    I may also add that in no way was i ever promoting violence or drugs and to be quite honest thats quite outrageous – but when your heated bad things get said.

    So anyway i would just like to apologise to people who have been mis treated in anyway. I am also available for a chat , if anyone wishes to do so call me on 07789873110


  13. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    Olive branch, folks? I know I don't live over the River bar, so it's all very well for me to say, but sounds like it's worth negotiating with Kieron – if it means that in the long run we will get that lovely restaurant and say bye bye to noisy nights?

    You've got his number (literally) – why not see if you can work things out. I don't want anyone having sleepless nights, but it sounds like if you can talk together, you might be able to come to some agreement?

  14. Tim says:

    Hello Kieron, how did the Pete Doherty night go?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Just from looking at the website it looks pretty horrendous – a scary flashback to the 80s with its "Laydeeze nite" etc. Surely what Greenwich needs and what would work well would be a good bar/restaurant, that isn't trying to appeal to the clubbers who can't be bothered going up town, but offers a good menu or a great place to sit and enjoy the river views over a bottle of decent wine. (Not the overpriced plonk supplied by Bar Du Musee these days either)

  16. Kieran says:

    Hey Guys

    Kieran here again , we will have an official announcement after the Easter bank holiday about our restaurant – im looking forward to it – i will try to make it the best place to eat in town! the place will have a new fresh look , good wine and even better tasting food.

    I am fully aware of what all locals want and need and i promise guys this will be a great place for all people (toursits , familys , professionals and locals)

    Thanks again for all your patientence



  17. Anonymous says:

    Phantom, you seem to be sympathising with a cynical businessman rather than the residents of Wood Wharf and Holt Court. We tried to negotiate with Kieron but (apart from the fact he has 4 phone numbers which keep changing) he doesn't play ball. We are now totally fed up with him telling us lies about when/if he's ever going to open a restaurant having made tons of dosh from promoting his tacky club all over south east london. The economic climate is affecting all of us (and we're not all loaded we're normal mortgage payers).We're so fed up with his hard luck stories. Kieron knew he was leasing a restaurant unit in a residential area and decided to chance his arm and cynically use loopholes in the law to run a club. Full stop as far as residents are concerned. When someone who knows how to run a restaurant properly takes up the lease and the river walk provides tourists as well as local customers then I'm sure it will make money.