Nautical But Nice (Street Furniture – 5)

There’s huge attention on the Old Royal Naval College and the groovy new Discover Greenwich centre just now. Of course, it opens today, but without some kind of miracle I won’t be making it until at least the weekend (though Darryl at 853 has given it the thumbs-up.)

So I thought I’d dig out some pictures I’ve been meaning to use for ages – of one of my favourite little secret things in the ORNC, that I’m willing to bet 98% of visitors miss.

It’s this splendid lamp over the entrance to the area under the chapel. At first glance it’s just a rather nice bit of wrought iron – but just look at what it depicts:

At the top is the classic crown-of-sails that’s all over the college, but the bracket is fashioned with a series of anchors and tridents.

Then, just in case you were in any doubt as to the real reason for Her Majesty’s Navy, the part where the bracket is attached to the wall takes on some rather more warlike symbolism – tiny cannons and balls.

I have no idea how old this bracket is – whether it was once a gas lantern that’s been adapted for electricity, or a more modern design, but it’s just the kind of attention to detail that makes this place so special and I love it.

4 Comments to “Nautical But Nice (Street Furniture – 5)”

  1. Robert No 16 says:

    Thank you Phantom for pointing this lamp out .Off to check it out.

  2. Old China says:

    Ha brilliant, what a great touch. I'll go find that this weekend when I'm eating/ drinking at The Old Brewery.

  3. Kat says:

    I went today and was thoroughly impressed with the centre. I spent a very happy hour absorbing information, particularly all the Tudor history, fantastic! Would have liked to see/read more! Didnt sample the brewery or cafe though but the soup looked delicious!

    The gift shop was very expensive. Even the 'pocket-money' area where kids can buy things like pens and key rings, most of the items were about £4.50 and above! So much for giving your kid 50p to treat themselves on a school trip!

    Look forward to reading a Phantom review soon :)

  4. Dave says:

    I visited the the bar/cafe today , and I think it's very overpriced.

    £3-40 for the cheapest pint , and £11-00 for a burger !