More Greenwich Power Station Pics

People seemed to be so pleased to see the pictures of Greenwich Power Station Peter shared with us last week (blimey – was it only last week? It feels like months ago…) that he’s sent me a few more. The picture above is of the current turbine hall, running parallel to but much lower-ceilinged than the glorious Edwardian one.

At the very end of the main steam turbine hall is a gas compression plant. It’s sealed in a huge concrete room, but the engines that drive the compressor pumps stand outside:

Peter couldn’t get any pictures of the inside of that section as they had to leave all electronic devices outside when they went in there, but he tells me there are some lovely multi-chamber compressors in there (being an ignorant Phantom I’m not entirely sure a multi-chamber compressor is, but I’m sure they’re fabulous.)

This is what the turbines themselves look like (I particularly like the creepy hands):

The last picture for today that Peter sent me that confirms what I’ve always suspected – that the old pier that used to land the coal to power the station would make an incredible place for a tea-rooms. I mean – just look at the view from it:

Don’t you think that security considerations where the pier meets the ‘secret’ part could be dealt with to create a new either open-air or glass-surrounded venue? I’m sure they could cordon off part of the station inside that’s not being used securely enough for kitchens (separate entrance, high walls, yadda, yadda) and create an exciting new public entrance on the beach or the Thames Path, like a spiral staircase or a glass lift or something to make the most exciting tea rooms on the Thames?

19 Comments to “More Greenwich Power Station Pics”

  1. Old China says:

    Amazing! Power station always remind me of seventies Sci-Fi. I half expect Tom Baker or Blakes 7 to come running round the corner.

    Just catching up on Phantom news, I've been on me 'olidays for three weeks (India). Looks like I've missed loads!

  2. NicksPhotos says:

    I always thought that Pier would be a great place to build a house, it's got to be strong enough and there's plenty of room to lay down soil for a garden.

  3. scared of chives says:

    Top idea for a tea-room phants…or a restaurant similar to the OXO Tower.

  4. Anonymous says:

    And keep the bottom as another, reserve, pier – we need many more landing places along the Thames.

  5. Benedict says:

    Tea-Rooms? I think there are enough coffee shops/cafes in Greenwich already . I always thought a Champagne and Oyster bar with Ballroom attached would be a little more chic………

  6. DeeBee says:

    I vote for a really nice fish restaurant, glass walls and high above the Thames. Must have a Great Glass Elevator.

  7. scared of chives says:

    …or a lap-dancing club to compliment the lapping of the thames waves on the pier's stilts beneath…?

  8. Lizzie says:

    Wow. Incredible views. Isn't it almost exactly on the Meridian line? (pretty sure you cross the green beam here at night). Another excuse for a plaque. Defintely needs to be open to the public. Chapter 3?? Meantime Brewery's beer and food matching outpost?? Rhodes's East Greenwich (with cheaper price tags purlease)?? Theatre of Wine's swanky new home?? Viewfinder Gallery's amazing new space??? Lizzie's bistro and wine bar?? I can dream…

  9. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    Sorry – of course – what am I thinking of – champagne bar – obviously…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sorry I am out of photos that havent either got people in them or are of sensitive areas, I am glad everyone enjoyed the photos, but thats the lot unless I get another invite and visit. there is a section of the pier thats outside the fences, I would think access would be by boat though – mind you think how exclusive a club it would be then!
    All The Best, take care and be safe.

  11. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    Thanks so much Peter – you've already shown us more than pretty much any of us knew. Loads of people think it's actually closed!

    But yes – using the pier as a cool venue would be awesome – and a moneyspinner/PR Coup for EDF, don't you think…

  12. Latelygay says:

    Just think about all the years when there was no public access to the Naval College, and now we have it all the time.

    So, it can only be a matter of time before the power station is properly subsumed into the Greenwich Community, and yes, by goodness, what a fantastic observation deck could be established on that pier.

    BTW, Peter's photos are so appreicated. Real 'Open Door' stuff!

  13. Mary says:

    I've got some old pictures of when it was built and before the latest refurb if you ae interested

  14. Anonymous says:

    The power station could be easily turn in something like Wapping Project:
    Restaurant/brunch/Art Exhibition, etc.
    Anyone in Greenwich borough in charge of art/eduction develompment&support??
    Regarding EDF, well they could become a sponsor. Imagine that would be an amazing advertsing window for them, just 2.5 years before the Olympique Games…..

  15. baddogmum says:

    my grandfather worked in greenwich power station i had a retirement certificate which was given to him when he retired I suppose it was meant to be framed as it was so ornate.May be instead of any more places to eat it should become a museum of some sort after all in many years to come who knows might need it to be a power station again.You never know

  16. I was looking at a flat overlooking the power plant wharf yesterday and thought that the perfect community use would be one of an elevated green park, like one in NYC.

    The award winning project turned a unused elevated train line into a walking park/greenspace. This project recently won the BLACK PENCIL award:

    i bet that the architects of the NYC project would love to give the Greenwich pier a look?

  17. Tee hee – they’d have to get in line behind me! But yes – it would be brilliant. I mean the power station itself is still in use – but it would be relatively easy to separate the sensitive stuff from the great views.

  18. Might even be a nice money earner for EDF…

  19. John Barclay says:

    Well,thank you so much for the info on this site,of the Greenwich power station,which,after all these decades-I honestly did think might be gone(at least closed).The photos that I found here did bring back wonderful memories of the coal ships,cranes and magical noisy activity…and windblown ash,when being loaded out,that reached my former home just over the water,facing,in Island Gardens (the now gone Osborne House,inside the park.)Late 1940′s. Thanks again mates,for helping me revisit some of my old haunts,from a very great distance. John 08/04/10