Lino Layers.

Having serious connection issues today so a short one. If I wasn’t terrified I’d lose internet access any second, I’d waffle on about the links Greenwich has to linoleum manufacture (a glamorous part of our past, natch…) but I am, so I’ll be quick. Angie’s looking for a floor specialist who can screed a floor and lay lino without costing the earth.

Any suggestions?

4 Comments to “Lino Layers.”

  1. john says:

    hi a man called kev done my bathroom+kitchen in lino + screed done a great job and a very fair price 0794182289 and he is from greenwich

  2. Lucy says:

    The connection problems might be due to a fire/flood at BT in Paddington which apparently is affecting broadband across the country. Hopefully they'll sort it soon! Mine keeps crashing too, and I'm not even BT…oh dear.

  3. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    Lucy – do you know when this fire/flood was?

  4. methers says:

    The flood and fire were at Burne House, Paddington: