Latest Market Proposals

Paul’s just found the link for the plannng inspectorate for the appeal against the Council’s UNANIMOUS decision to reject Greenwich Hospital Trust’s proposals for the market redevelopment.

Nothing has changed since the original plans were submitted. Those cobbles are still at risk, Durnford Street’s buildings are still scheduled to be demolished to make way for rubbish bins. It’s still a godawful plan.

If you objected last time, and you still object, you need to do it again – your original thoughts don’t count on this plan. Go to this site to get details. Paul had to actually contaact the inspectorate to find the reference number, which is
2123272. They don’t seem to belive in making things easy.

If you clicks on ‘here’ at the bottom line, the next page allows you to submit comments. Worryingly there’s no deadline stated, but I’d say asap is the order of the day…

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  1. AndyA says:

    Serious point Phantom – that website is one of the most confusing I've ever seen… it isnt clear to me how to appeal. Do you have the address for us all to write to or email?

    Pens/keyboards at the ready!!!

  2. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    If you go to the bottom of the page and click on the 'here' you get taken to a page where you can click through to go to comment.

  3. Paul T says:

    Just got this in from Maureen O'Mara. The deadline is 16 April

    "Closing date for submissions in relation to the Appeal is 16 April and they need to be sent to :
    Alan Ridley
    Room 4/04
    The Planning Inspectorate
    Temple Quay House
    2 The Square
    Temple Quay
    Bristol BS1 6PN.

    It seems likely that the Appeal will be held over eight days at the town hall in Woolwich in July. Five days will be devoted to the main app re the covered market and three days to what would have been its temporary relocation. We need as many objections as possible to be lodged and also for a great turnout at the town hall in July. At that meeting we also need objectors to speak (I will of course be speaking). I have the grounds of Appeal from Greenwich Hospital Estates and will be studying this in great detail. I will photocopy this and drop it through your front door in the next few days.
    I guess the Inspectorate are not being clear at the moment re the actual dates of the Appeal because no dates have yet been agreed but it is my understanding that we are trying to fix on dates in July.
    Will let you know as soon as I hear anything but in the meantime objections need to be lodged by 16 April (which I will be doing).
    Thankyou for your support – we need to win this one and see off Greenwich Hospital Estates. Yes, the market needs to be improved – new roof and refurb of external fabric of buildings owned by GHE – but that is all (in my humble opinion).
    Anyway please get your letters in by 16 April."

  4. Ewan says:

    Great blog.

    I've added my objection to this terrible planning proposal.

  5. Anonymous says:

    And just a reminder that Planning Inspectors have to consider objections on the basis of inappropriate massing, traffic implications, other hotel capacity in the area, council unanimously rejecting application, etc., rather than purely on the aesthetic quality relevant to a World Heritage Site. Alas.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Please all get writing ASAP.

  7. Kate says:

    Is there some way to spoonfeed those of us who object on aesthetic (mostly aesthetic)/character of the existing market grounds with info relevant to an official planning objection please – as per the criteria outlined above which are considered as 'relevant' by the planners? I have zero idea of exact existing hotel capacity, or what is deemed by planners as 'inappropriate massing'. Will be objecting, but don't want it dismissed as irrelevant waffle. Cheers.

  8. Anonymous says:

    On the most basic level, the development has to 'preserve or enhance" the conservation area, and protect the setting of the Listed Buildings (which is all of the Joseph Kay, stucco-fronted buildings).

    This is a requirement both of National Planning, under PPG 15, and the Borough SPD – Supplementary Planning Document. You can Google PPG 15, it's easy to find; but essentially it's common-sense, that the local authority has a duty to protect the setting of Listed Buildings.

    Whether the new buildings affect or enhance the older ones is obviously a subjective decision – but the opinions of local residents, and elected officials, do have a bearing on the decision. The Hospital will argue the 50s buildings are ugly and need replacing.

    I personally would argue also that the Hospital's 'Consultation' was nothing of the sort, because it did not mention key features like the loss of the Durnford Street buildings, or the loss of the old cobbles.

    When I get a copy of the Hospital's grounds for appeal I'll send them to the Phantom, or post them here.

    But, quite simply, to say that the new Hotel Building will tower over the adjacent Joseph Kay buildings, and dominate them from key viewpoints on a World Heritage Site, is as valid an objection as you can have, even before you get down to details like the cobbles, and the Durnford Street buildings which will be replaced by a trash compactor.

    Incidentally, Phant, I've contacted the Greenwich Society to find their position on the the appeal… but had no reply as yet.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Just posted my objection – hurry up, everybody. Let's try to have as big a turnout of objections as the last time they tried this…