Faded Greenwich (16)

I have absolutely no idea who L. Brooks was or what they did. Roger spotted this on the side of a house at the top of Devonshire Drive and I’ve done my best to make it clearer but I suspect it’s already too far gone to really tell much at all from it. Every so often if I look at it really fast, I think I can almost make out that top line but – no – it’s gone again.

One thing I love about these faded signs is that windows never seemed to be an issue for the painters – they just did their design around them, rather than making putting them above or below the obstruction to their art. Maybe they just didn’t have a long enough ladder – or a head for heights…

7 Comments to “Faded Greenwich (16)”

  1. Phantom Webmaster says:

    That second word in the top line looks like "studio"?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Roan Studio I should think, as ex Roan girl!

  3. RogerW says:

    Yes, I'm pretty certain the words making up the top line were Roan's and Studio.
    The word at the bottom right corner was Lane, with a painted arrow next to it, which seemed to be pointing readers of the sign to somewhere within a short walking distance.
    I couldn't work it myself, but I'd guess the lower part of the sign might be saying 'go to xxx Lane'

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if you can view the Goad Maps of the area for a relevant year in the past you could find the address and therefore name (Goad maps are records of the businesses in an area and are generally spaced a few years apart from each other, so say 5 years apart – you can go back through time and locate a businesses address using these)

  5. Old China says:

    Goad maps are facinating and are really detailed too. Well worth a visit to the British Library just so you get to pour over them. Sadly it costs something like 20 quid to take away a single photo copy though so it's worth taking a pencil and pad to take notes.

  6. Marmoset says:

    On the window question, I think the left-hand window was put in afterwards – it is a different height and size to the right-hand window, and doesn't have the dovetailed brickwork (builders will know the correct word for this) above it.

  7. peaches says:

    At the turn of the last century the house was a lady photographer's studio according to records on the 1901 census.