Faded Greenwich (11)

Not the advertised post today, folks. I decided I wanted to find out some more information before posting, and am having difficulties doing so, so instead I bring you, courtesy of the Phantom Faded Greenwich Hunter, Roger, Number Eleven in the series…

It’s on the side of Number 35, Blackheath Road (just before it becomes Blackheath Hill, a few metres before the turning for Greenwich South Street) and, as far as I can read, it’s advertising a plumbers’ merchants. Since this is a little alley, if memory serves, I’m guessing the actual premises were down there, and they were just using the side of the house as a hoarding. Of course, I suppose the merchant himself might have lived in the house.

A lot of the houses along that part of Blackheath Road are really rather lovely – and, presumably before the A2 became quite so congested, were probably very posh indeed. I particularly like the ones with the little wrought iron balconies, though some of them really have seen better days now.

Anyone know anything about this plumber?

8 Comments to “Faded Greenwich (11)”

  1. Latelygay says:

    I don't know about the plumbers but I've long been an admirer of the white houses with their wrought iron balconies. I'd love to live in such a property but how they must suffer with the vibration, noise and pollution.

    There are also some excellent period pieces on the upper part of the the hill. The properties must have been secretly thrilled with the road collapsed which necesitated the closure of the road during 2004-2004.

  2. Latelygay says:

    Sorry, got me dates wrong. I think the road reopened in 2005.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You so neatly demonstrate the problem, Latelygay. Those of us who have lived in Greenwich for years worry that we may have got dates wrong, or facts distorted, or perceptions slanted. Hurrah for dated and timed photographs.

  4. Latelygay says:

    I tell you, these senior moments are becoming all too commonplace. Even my correction is incorrect. I had meant to say 2002!!

    At least, I think that's what I mean to say. Now, let me just remind myself … what did I come upstairs for? Oh yes, that was it: I forgot to close the fridge door.

  5. Kelly Wilkinson says:

    I actually live in the house on the other side of the alley, which is actually a driveway through to the houses at the back. At some point our house owned the whole garden but then sold of plots of land.
    One of the houses at the back still has original Mulberry trees in their garden from the silk farms.
    We often sit in our garden looking at the sign in the hope that we can translate it to no avail. Any insight would be great!
    Also, you would be surprised at how quite it is round the back of these houses and you get used to the noise, although not the nightly roadworks that took place before Christmas!

  6. Kelly Wilkinson says:

    I meant quiet, sorry!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I always used to admire those houses from the top deck of the 53 Routmaster back in the early 1980s when it was the only way I could afford to get into London.

  8. Nick says:

    I'm afraid the photo on this blog isn't as good as the view from Google Street view. If you look at the house on there, you will see the name Taylor & Son (although the T and the R in Taylor aren't clear). The actual name is below the apex on the main roof.