Dull Demolition

Bad news to anyone expecting a Greenwich Hospital Tower-style big-bang with the concrete Syrol towers on the peninsula. They’re now going to use a tedious method
with no explosives at all but some ‘long reach unit’ which literally nibbles the concrete structures from the top down.

To say this will be duller than watching paint dry wouldn’t be true because you can at least watch paint dry.

Because they’re not blowing it all up, there is no reason to delay the closure of the riverside path for TWELVE WEEKS from Monday 15th March while they creep-down the silos in secret. Much of it’s already been closed down for so long already that it’s a complete yawn for anyone who enjoys the Thames Path, but 12 weeks is one long time. Bad luck to anyone who’s planning on doing the whole of the Path from Thames Head to the Barrier – well, they’ll get so far and then have to start all over again at a later date…

4 Comments to “Dull Demolition”

  1. Gwladys takes a walk says:

    A tiny bit of path (no more than a cul-de-sac currently) has just reopened at the corner of Lovell's Wharf- probably giving a taster of what things will look like in the longer term.

    Thanks for the tip-off re the 12 week closure of the Syral section of the path. A great shame that there won't be a big bang- but I was wondering how the demolition would be accomplished without leaving a huge amount of rubble in the river.

    Although the official Thames Path National Trail extends from Kemble to the Barrier, an extension continues all the way down to where the River Darenth joins the Thames, a short walk from Slade Green Station. That bit has its own, somewhat subtle, charms but it represents a great walk back home to Greenwich with lots to see on the way.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have there been any public notes about the path being closed? I haven't seen any, and it's my jogging route (not that I stop to read notices…).

  3. Gwladys Street says:

    Walked along there today after reading the Phantom's posting- no notices.

    The landward part of the Syral site is well on its way to being cleared. As well as that, a whole industrial estate, where the 'Peter's Pies' warehouse used to be (next to the Victoria Deep Water Terminal) has been demolished and is no more. Changing times eh!

  4. Londonbackpacker says:

    Is this the part that is just after crossing the A102 on the cross peninsula way?

    I was walking this yesterday and was frustrated having walked up the alleyway only to have to turn round and take the Blackwall Lane into Trafalgar Rd to get to the Cutty Sark DLR.

    There wasn't any signs indicating the closure of the path.