A Host Of Golden Daffodils

Well, okay, eight. But it’s eight daffs that weren’t out at Phantom Towers even yesterday. Could Spring be finally arriving?

8 Comments to “A Host Of Golden Daffodils”

  1. Benedict says:

    …any toads appear amongst those daffs?….
    My crocuses (croci?) have just appeared…only to be dug up by the raccoons…..

  2. scared of chives says:

    B – I saw a rotating ball of toads getting 'up close and personal' in my pond – you would have been excited, I'm sure.

    Is there a collective noun for toads?

  3. Robert No 16 says:

    Has anyone noticed the some what unspring like high smell around St Alfege Church and the old graveyard? If not do go and try it.( before anyone gets it in .Its not me!!)

  4. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    From your description, SoC, A "Carkeys" of Toads, perhaps?

  5. Benedict says:

    Carkeys of Toads? Methinks you jest Phantom….surely a Knot of toads and quite surprisingly a Gaze of Raccoons.
    Robert the smell maybe the Pyrocantha coming into blossom, Mrs Benedict always said it smelled like Old P*ss, or it could be the undead turning in their graves……

  6. Devonshire Kate says:

    To Robert…Yes was just walking there now and it is something awful! A mixture between parmesan, vomit and something else horribly stale. I feel for you having to live in the vicinity of the stench!

    I noticed they were manuring the rose beds outside St Alfages last week…perhaps that is the cause now a bit of good weather is upon us?

    It started ponging just around the Mitre pub area. At first I thought it might have been the unpleasant result of one too many over-zealous St Patricks revellers!

  7. Orlando says:

    Yes it could be manure – terrible smells in the Pleasaunce right now from the rose beds !!

  8. Hitherqueen says:

    The Daffs/Narcissi at Hitherqueen Towers in Maze Hill are also recently out…I'm now just waiting for some flowers on the crazy-looking leek-esque plants to come out so I can identify them!

    Spring has sprung (for a few days at least…)