Three Random Events I Like The Look Of

Apologies for the lack of updates on Parish News. When I look at the superb job that IanVisits does, I blush, but hey – things are ridiculously busy chez Phantom just now. I’ll try to do better in future. I’ll update the section with other things I’m not previewing here but still like the sound of later today.

In the meanwhile, three things that have caught my eye, coming up in the next week or so…

First is a slightly bizarre but rather intriguing celebration of East Greenwich Library’s 105 birthday on 22nd February. Trying to find out any concrete detail about the event has proved impossible; it would seem they will be ‘going with the flow’ on the evening, but we’re promised music, singers, poetry and readings. I rather like the idea of something that’s not organised to the hilt; we’re so used to everything being prescribed down to the last second, though it’s hard to know exactly what will happen – or, indeed, when it all begins. I’m guessing evening, and since no prices have been mentioned, I’d say it’s probably free.

Staying with odd, but a little more structured, a one-night-only performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream – at Up The Creek, of all places. There’s a cast of 17 professionals, and the reason it’s on at a comedy club is that the mechanicals are all stand up comics who play the venue on a regular basis. If you fancy a ticket, get your skates on – they may only be a tenner, but there’s only a ton of them available. Call 0208 858 4581 for tickets. If you miss out this time, the show will be going on national tour – the closest it will play to Greenwich will be the Orchard Theatre in Dartford on the 22nd March.

Finally, Scared of Chives has been telling me about a regular night upstairs at the Mitre. I’ve been a little edgy about open mic nights ever since my best pal became a stand up comic. I never had an issue watching my mate perform, even in the early days, but some of the other acts were just painful, apologising for their very existence with their whole bodies – and sometimes their acts, too – as they stood lost onstage. Whatever they were feeling it was far worse for the audience.

But this isn’t a comedy open mic night, it’s music (largely). The One World Club is a ” free music club and ‘open mic’ night” where anyone can get up and perform (you have to turn up before the 7.30 start to book a slot first – check the website for more details) but the very fact that you need to be able to play an instrument or sing reasonably well will probably weed out the really embarrassing stuff. Besides, SoC seems to think the standard’s pretty high.

Not that it isn’t a lottery as to what might be on any particular night. They’ve had (among other things) folk singing, poetry, reggae, Indian dancing, jazz guitar, indie, classical, opera and world music, so as long as your tastes are catholic, you should have a good evening. It’s free to get in, SoC tells me it’s getting busy these days, so arrive early to ensure a seat.

I shall get along as soon as I can to review it (with my luck it will turn out to be a stand-up comics first-timers’ special) but in the meanwhile, if the first sniffings of spring this morning after yesteday’s vile weather is sending you stir-crazy, check out one of these.

More Stuff To Do on the Parish News later today. Promise.

2 Comments to “Three Random Events I Like The Look Of”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i went to the music club at the mitre hotel last night and had a really good time. therre were about 15 artists and no one was poor.


  2. Idris says:

    It's a hidden gem in Greenwich. If you haven't been to the Mitre on a Thursday you are definitely missing out.