The Phantom Tweets – And Accidentally Spams Everyone

IanVisits and the Phantom Webmaster have finally persuaded me to join Twitter.

Since I’m not allowed my full moniker, I can be found on TGPhantom.

But I owe you all an apology. I’m afraid I just accidentally hit the “contact everyone that ever sent you anything by email’” button – so, if you’ve ever contacted me, I’m afraid you just got a spam email from Twitter. Feel free to ignore it – and please accept my apologies for the invasion. It won’t happen again.

13 Comments to “The Phantom Tweets – And Accidentally Spams Everyone”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually you emailed my account 3 times! I dont actually use Twitter but may have a sneaky look at what you are Tweeting on about now and again :)

  2. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    I wouldn't bother – the blog's still the bit I love.

    But soz about the spam.

  3. Jan says:

    LOL I looked saw 3 mails and though "she doesn't really" and deleted them all… like you its blogs I like… Twitter's one of those I may eventually be forced to use but until that day I will remain forever Twitter free ;o)

  4. Marmoset says:

    These Twitter notifications are like London buses – I've never seen one before and then, whoosh, three come along at the same time!

    I've just spent the morning struggling with technology too. I think I've got interwebbed fingers today.

  5. Joe F says:

    Twitter is supposed to be limited to 140 characters but, in practice, is limited to one character – over-excitable. That's why it e-mailed us not once but three times. Stephen Fry is just a Trojan Horse. Don't do it, Phantom, stay with the human/spirit race.

  6. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    Worry not – Twitter cannot replace proper bloggery

  7. LGM says:

    I was wondering about the trio of emails. You're now following me and you have acquired an impressive number of followers in your first day! Well done. I must not be human or spirited, as I tweet ;-)

  8. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    It's all a little bewildering, actually. But sort of fun.

    I can see I'm going to have to make sure it's off most of the time or I'll waste entire days.

  9. maria says:

    sorry i was that person who ended up in roberts. Robert forgot to mention that he had slung me out of his house for drinking all his scotch.

  10. rod says:

    Your e-mail to me went straight into my Spam folder! Good old gmail!
    Don't do twitter personally, and the fact that Stephen Fry (smuggest lifeform in the Alpha Quadrant) likes it so much only puts me off even more…….
    Keep up with the blog and don't let these childish things divert you, say I.

  11. RogerW says:

    Probably sounding a bit like Dick Emery's perpetual spinster, the thought that someone might actually want to 'follow me' brightened up my day no end.
    Hmmm. Somehow I knew it just had to be a mistake.
    Oh well :(

  12. Latelygay says:

    At different times I've emailed the Phantom from 4 different email addresses, so I got a major whammy of twelve twitter alerts. Is this a record?!

  13. The Greenwich Phantom says:

    Eeek! The guilt!