The Body In The Garden

Robert at Number 16 had a bit of a shock this morning, when he tried to put Black & White the cat out. He’s used to combatting drunken oafs in his garden, but rarely slumped bodies. This one, despite last night’s perishing cold, wasn’t dead (God only knows how – perhaps the alcohol from the large amount of tinnies surrounding him kept his body temperature up or something) but definitely dead to the world.

Robert says the police and ambulance were there almost immediately he called and were very kind and efficient. It took them a while to revive the guy, who was in his mid to late 30s and not wearing very much at all. Apparently he was very polite when he came-to. He’s been taken to hospital to thaw out.

5 Comments to “The Body In The Garden”

  1. Dazza says:

    Thank God the guy was only drunk and not the victim of an assault.
    I'm sure Robert was quite shocked to find him there. Mind you, I suppose it beats having a gnome in your garden!!

  2. Robert No 16 says:

    Just wanted to say how kind gentle and understanding.The Police and paramedics were to this poor guy.It was was a bit of a shock.Why he is not dead God knows.

  3. Kat says:

    Wow, what a thing to encounter in your garden! Hope this is a wake-up call for the individual.He is lucky to be alive.

  4. greenwich sandwich says:

    That's some heroic drinking going on there.

  5. Nicki says:

    We had an encounter in our front garden (patch) with a very drunk lady last year, in the early hours of a March Sunday. Poor thing was in a very bad way , didn't even know where she lived. She looked at the poor paramedic, and said "you and I, have we…errr…" oo, lucky paramedic…