Cupboard Love

Simon’s considering getting new furniture, and is missing the old store that used to be on the corner of Stockwell St and Greenwich Church Street as part of the Village Market. He says it was called SE10 Experience – though I confess I never noticed the name.

I don’t think that’s ever coming back – like so many of the vendors from the old market, they’ve disappeared. And I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of stores that deal solely in furniture or which might sell

“…a chest of drawers/unit with cupboard doors and drawers to go in the sitting room for chucking junk/post in and then maybe something to put a TV on….. “

He’s checked out Lancelot in Blackheath, and agrees with me that though they have very nice stuff, there’s not a huge selection. Ditto Minerva, who have rather more on their website than on display, as far as I can see.

I suggested downstairs at Stewart John, who, alongside all the chandeliers in their Turnpin Lane shop, have a selection of made-to-order furniture styles. They also restore furniture, over at their workshops in Charlton (which have all kinds of antique furniture for sale too), so if you find a nice piece of antique furniture, but it’s in a bit of a state you could get them to fix it up for you (I don’t know how much that costs.)

Failing that, Graham and Green downstairs have a few new items, but then I start to run out. But there are loads of carpenters around here – why not draw exactly what you want on the back of an envelope, and get someone to make it for you? It won’t be cheap, but it’s not necessarily as pricey as you might think – and you’ll get exactly what you want…

7 Comments to “Cupboard Love”

  1. Sarah says:

    I remember the place he is talking about. Has he heard of Koala on Lee High Road. Their website is

  2. David Dickinson says:

    Go to the auction house, just along from the power station. All kinds of stuff there and supremely cheap usually

  3. Benedict says:

    Yup, DD's right, the only place to go is
    We furnished our whole house from there. Oak chest of drawers £50, Mahogony and Satinwood wardrobe £65, Coffee Table made from old school desk £10….the list is endless, plus it is such a good laugh.
    They can deliver aswell

  4. Charlotte says:

    I got lovely solid wood bedroom furniture from Bucks Warehouse in Deptford – it's all end of line and cancelled catalogue stuff. Sometimes you get a bargain, sometimes it's all vile…

  5. Dave says:

    Charlotte….sad to say Bucks has gone

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Junk Shop (dynasty of Dick Moy – Greenwich South Street)could well have something which would fill the gaps left by the auction house.

  7. Robert No 16 says:

    If you can get there at "first light" there are still some furniture dealers with their vans full of stuff, at the last bit of Greenwich market (opposite the Post Office)For many years I had a shop in the Kings Rd (Chelsea)and would often have finds from the Greenwich market. I recall buying a large antique box covered in shells in the morning at Greenwich for £30 .Then later that day in my Kings rd shop .A very grand lady came in with her walker and said " I`m looking for an island warming present have you got anything?"The shell box was shown "that`s it,I`ll have it."she turned to her male walker and said " Could you pay him" I said "it was £1500" ."Wonderful," she said "could you wrap it now or I`ll miss my jet"

    SO do keep an eye on Greenwich Market