Crime Figures

Here’s an interesting little chart showing official crime figures in the borough. Either, generally, people have stopped reporting or figures really have gone down – which is a plus.

Over the months we’ve talked about drink-related crime (most of which seems to happen in St Alfege Passage) but although there’s no figures that show which offences are alcohol-fuelled, in general ‘violence against the person’ is actually down a little from last year, as are nearly nearly all other kinds of offence. Burglaries, especially, of all kinds seem to be fewer (though still plenty enough to be getting on with.)

Having said that, there was one more homicide than last year, ‘gun enabled’ crime is up and sexual assaults other than rape have gone up considerably (I wonder if some reclassification’s gone on there so they can say rape is down? God, I’m cynical. Soz…)

There’s a place on the map where you can click to get individual ward figures. They’re a bit random-feeling as they’re done slightly differently as number of crimes per 1000 of population, so it’s hard to work out exactly how much actually went on.

13 Comments to “Crime Figures”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think there is a definite 'im sure someone else will report it' attitude in Greenwich. I have called the police 3 times last year to report car crimes on my street. I leave the building around 10am daily and there would have been many people walking down the same street who all saw the very obvious smashed in car windows and general chaos inside the vehicles. Yet each time I called to report it, the police had no knowledge of the incident and immediately came out to secure the vehicle. I thought West Greenwich had a neighbourhood watch??

  2. Anonymous says:

    Strange that burglaries are down – in our area there have been a few recently. As there's an election coming up, maybe I shouldn't be surprised that official figures show a drop?

  3. Dave says:

    So Anonymous…. you want to base crime stats on anecdotes…..Hardly a step forward

  4. Kate says:

    I love TGP's website and the help that the readers give each other but honestly, sometimes the snide comments really get me down!
    Dave you make a fair point that we can't base these things on anecdotes but Anonymous is right to be wary of crime stats. The way they are measured is routinely changed and the stats don't always reflect reality / experience / "anecdotes". A healthy scepticism towards statistics – particularly just before elections (!) – is probably a wise thing.

  5. Dave says:

    I accept that there should be healthy scepticism, but aren't these figures collated by the police, (please correct me if I'm wrong), who are not elected.

    It seems to me it's a case of any stick to beat a dog, hence the snide comments.

  6. Ben says:

    I think most people, like me have given up wasting out time reporting most things to the police. My car window has been smashed twice in the last year, I know reporting would only add to both mine and the polices workload, so why bother?

  7. Anonymous says:

    That's interesting that the police will take an interest in a broken-into car. Perhaps I'll phone them next time I see one (though I doubt they will like it if I use 999 and that's the only number I know)
    ps One of the best places to spot smashed car windows (and where NOT to park) is Cade Road (links Hyde Vale & Crooms Hill). Especially first thing in the morning

  8. lula says:

    You have to let them know about smashed car windows – the more crime is reported, the more patrols in certain areas.

    When my car window got mashed, I reported it online! Quick, simple, and yes, I get the impression the police don't really care about smashed windows unless anythign was taken, but at least it has added to the Statistics – because after all, it's statistics that matter to the government, even if they doctor them slightly!!!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I am the first 'Anonymous' poster and with regards to the comment about dialling 999, i certainly wouldnt waste an emergency call operatives valuable time reporting a crime that has already happened.

    Its not hard at all to find the Greenwich Police Station's local number. I have it on my phone now anyway so I dont even need to remember it.

    I guess it just goes to show that kind of attitude is why these things go unreported so often. People think they are causing problems or taking up emergency response times or they dont want to feel like they are wasting time by calling 999. Thing is, if you use the local branch number you speak to a local constable and they were always prompt at dealing with it.

  10. methers says:

    If you're the victim of a crime, report it!

    Either use the Met website or their non-emergency number: 0300 123 1212.

    Even if not much happens, it will become part of the stats.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody anymore report crimes that cause less damage than their insurance excess? Everybody knows that the police won't do anything about small crimes like smased windows. Reporting these crimes will only make the crime stats for the area worse and insurncance more expensive.

  12. Royal Hill Rover says:

    In addition to phone or online just drop into Grenwich nick, they are happy to help you file a report for insurance purposes. Did when my car was broken into at the top of Point Hill. The previous poster is right about Cade Rd, top of Hyde Vale and West Grove into Point Hill. Its a real car crime hotspot and I suspect because there seems to be some ne'er do wells hanging around in the Point after dark. Couple of simple tips – first, try not to park up there if you are a resident and instead park your car under a streetlamp and as far down the hill as you can, second, conceal your valuables – it sounds obvious but I still see people leaving tom-toms and other things that tempt a thief. In my case I stupidly left a lead out that suggested there might be an iPod in the car. Keep your car interior clean and uncluttered and you have a better chance of saving yourself a trip to Autoglass.