Resolutionary Road

It’s that time of year again. That time when we all swear we’ll turn over a brand new leaf. We really will lose five stone this year. Really will visit the gym, stop smoking/drinking/ eating lard/ picking our noses/biting our nails/ shouting at strangers/ jumping traffic lights…

Okay, so that’s just my resolutions then. But this year at least some of them will be Greenwichian.

Firstly, I am going to actually write all the letters of protest/support/suggestion that I mean to, instead of the one in three that I manage at the moment, despite my best intentions. I did write several of the really important ones last year, but can’t help thinking that the Phantom school report would read ‘Must try harder’ on the issues that are not quite so pressing. I can’t moan about stuff if I don’t do anything about it.

I am going to go to more local exhibitions, lectures and gigs than I managed this year too – not, actually, very hard, since I went to a woefully small amount in 2009, given what’s available on my doorstep (not literally, natch, though the postman’s quite entertaining sometimes.)I have no excuse – the fabulous IanVisits lists what’s on both in London and more locally.

I’m going to complete the Phantom Book Shelf – still only a third of the way done after an initial burst of enthusiasm. And I really will try to get Olde Phantom’s Greenwich Almanack finished this year. No – really. It’s only been three and a half years in the making so far.

But by a long chalk the most shameful of my bad habits this year (waaaay beyond the nose-pickery and stranger-shouting) is the two-hundred-and-fifty-three (eek) Starred Items of Shame in my inbox.

Starred Items of Shame are emails, questions, photos, tip-offs and suggestions that lovely people have sent me and that I haven’t dealt with to my (and definitely not to their) satisfaction yet. Stuff just gets out of hand sometimes (mostly due to that pesky thing Real Work) and the backlog just keeps getting bigger, especially the things that need lots of research, specific visits to weird places or, ahem, bending the law (no, Louise, I haven’t forgotten…)

Guys – please accept my apologies. I will be aiming to deal it all as soon as Phantomly possible this year. I may even instigate a special Starred Item of Shame section – but for now, please bear with me. I haven’t completely ignored you, I promise. And don’t stop sending me things, please – I LOVE getting mail.

Are there other Greenwich things I should be putting on my New Years Resolutions list? And what local resolutions will you be making this year? Somewhere to visit? Something to do/protest about/ make happen?

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