New-Old Brewery Almost Here

Here are some exclusive photos, courtesy of Rod, showing the arrival of the new equipment for the Old Brewery. It’s all coming on apace over at the ORNC, and the new brewery/bar/bistro is scheduled for the third week in March.

I’m very excited, despite not being a beer drinker, just because it all feels so right. The old brewery was here, it’s been excavated properly and it’s going to have a real purpose again (I don’t know what it was used for in the intervening years, but I’m guessing something dull like deckchair storage.)

It’s a local brewery, making quality beers and – well – let’s face it, a company called Meantime really does need to be at least within spitting distance of the Meridian line.

I’m particularly looking forward to the bistro (that will be the non-beer-drinker in me) and the promised exhibition about the history of brewing on the site.

So – make a date in your diary for the third week in March, when you will be able to make like a Pensioner and drink real Greenwich Hospital beer again, albeit (hopefully) without the attendant dysentery that came with the original.

BTW, does anyone know what happened to the Wood Wharf restaurant? I’ve tried to visit it three times but each time it wasn’t serving food and didn’t look like it ever had. I hope it will start soon. I could do with a new restaurant to visit.

9 Comments to “New-Old Brewery Almost Here”

  1. ebilpirate says:

    Just to weigh my Camra beer nerd opinion in on this one;

    The old mill on plumstead common is worth a trip for those who like a real pint, normally 5 guest ales in on the weekend. Last week I was rather enjoying the marvellous Rev James and the occasional Harveys best for when I felt a little bloated.

    As for meantime, I personally find the ales a little "polished". The IPA of course is a cracker of a summer session beer. The London Pale is a riot of dry hopped grassyness, which some might dislike. The porters and stouts I found a little indistinct for my tastes.

  2. Royal Hill Rover says:

    Any of you beery lot knwo what's happening to the Albert – its comign up to 6 Nations and I'm getting worried (and before you all start I frequent the place on non-sporting days)….

  3. Paul says:

    Sadly, the new owners have stripped out the Albert, sold off items like the naval uniforms and are refitting it as a bistro.

    As has been pointed out, we're lucky people like Meantime are putting some TLC into their pubs, at a time when places are being watered down, like the Tolly, or disappear into bistro limbo forever.

  4. Paolo says:

    Its a real shame to hear that.

    I had hoped that they would keep it as more of a pub at least

    Whilst I won't deny that Greenwich needs a good, welcoming gastropub (never been impressed with the Hill and the Guildford is only so-so in my opinion), its sad to see a decent drinking spot go

    I like the beers in the Union but the atmosphere can sometimes leave a little to be desired

  5. Royal Hill Rover says:

    This is a tragedy. I know the old girl couldn't in all honestly carry on a traditional London boozer and remain a going concern but had hoped that it would still be more of a pub (especially keeping its role as about the only pub in the area to enjoy a good match without any idiots) than a restaurant.

  6. Steve says:

    Not a tradgedy at all. The Albert was a misplaced dive; a waste of a good building. It'll be nice to be able to walk down the road without having to avoid a load of smoking oiks in football shirts.

  7. Pedro says:

    Just looked in at the Albert. The uniforms, pictures etc have gone, but although they took out skiploads of stuff it's still recognisably the same pub, so maybe not worth losing hope. There's a note on the door that it opens Friday.

    Steve, we see your hate list now includes football fans, smokers, Guardian readers, the English language, and people with beards. Your social life must be filled with joy!

  8. Royal Hill Rover says:

    Thanks Pedro

    Think I'll pop in to see if the Arsenal v Man U game is being shown on Sunday afternoon. Who knows – if its going upmarket maybe I can get a prawn sandwich!

  9. Paul says:

    Correction for history's sake.

    Apparently the new owners of the Prince Albert didn't strip out the old fittings. They planned to use them and thought they came with the pub.

    Perhaps they didn't check the fixtures & fittings list too carefully, for it was the previous landlord who sold all the memorabilia, before the new landlords moved in.