I’ve been thinking about this morning’s post. As I said, I don’t encourage family history enquiries – I don’t have any interest in my own family’s past and I don’t really ‘get’ the whole digging-up-the-ancestors phenomenon (my mum does it and I still don’t get it.)

But from the responses today I can see that Phantomites are a generous bunch – and seem to enjoy a challenge. Should I perhaps relax my hitherto fierce attitudes to family tree-huggers and start posting a few more ‘personal’ posers rather than ploughing through them at a (very) slow rate myself via the privacy of email? Or does the idea of trying to find someone else’s Great Uncle George who worked at the dog food factory send you to sleep?

I’m open on this one – though it would help clear the Giant Backlog of Doom in my inbox…

One Comment to “Musings”

  1. Nick says:

    I am an amateur genealogist, and I wouldn't dare to ask for help in finding my lost relatives on sites like this. However, as someone who was born in Greenwich in the late 1940's, and one who no longer lives there (I moved from Greenwich in the 1970's), I find this site fascinating and very helpful in finding out about the Greenwich that my grandfather would have known. The stuff about lost streets and buildings are quite fascinating.

    I do enjoy the posts about modern-day Greenwich too, because part of me is still homesick for the place ! I just wish that there was an Eltham Phantom, because that's where my father's ancestors came from.