More On Gloucester Circus

I don’t normally like to return to a subject as quickly as this, but Stephen had some really interesting extras to go with yesterday’s Faded Greenwich post (he also has a better pic of the sign – see above.)

He used to live at Number 21 and tells me that the naming of the whole of the oddly-shaped ovalish street as ‘Circus’ is only relatively recent. If you take a peek at this 1908 map you’ll see that only the rounded, south side was originally the Circus; the flatter, northern side, which was hastily finished with any-old buildings after the cash ran out, rather than continuing the elegant, sweeping curve of Searles’s vision, was known slightly more prosaically as Gloucester ‘Place.’

Stephen tells me his brother remembers a pediment stretching between the two sides, that said ‘Circus’, but if there was one there, it’s long since bombed to buggery in WWII, which destroyed most of the less-pretty north side and more-than-ideal of the south side too. Maybe there are some old photos knocking around. I keep meaning to try and find some pictures of bomb damage in the area.

One Comment to “More On Gloucester Circus”

  1. John Edwards says:

    I was born at no 7 in 1955 and it was called Gloucester Circus then.