For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Annabel gets the prize for weirdest question so far this year (mind you, it’s only January…) She says:

“For the last few weeks pretty much every weekday morning and possibly weekends too, at around 6am there is a middle-aged black lady that walks up Trafalgar Road holding a large book in front of her as if she is reading from it and speaking/singing whilst ringing a bell.

The first few times it sounded like Father Christmas was coming (well it was December). I’m not sure where she starts walking from or where she ends up but all I know is she walks past my house on Greenwich Park Street at roughly the same time each day, very odd and I’m wondering if anyone else has heard her and knows why she is doing it.”

The Phantom replies:

I haven’t heard or seen her myself, but this sounds like a religious or mystic ritual to me.

Every so often I get a leaflet through the door chez Phantom, advising me of the services of a certain Sister Angelina. From memory, she predicts the future, helps with everything from recalcitrant lovers to impotence, evil business transactions to health and family problems – a sort of one-stop psychic shop. I understand she is 98% accurate, too.

I’ve seen her car parked down Woolwich Road on numerous occasions (or at least one advertising her services) and she clearly must be psychic because the car never appears to get a ticket, however long it’s parked on yellow lines.

She has a rival in the leafleting stakes, one Professor Manjou, who is a staggering 100% accurate.

I have no idea if this is Sister Angelina or not, but it sounds like the kind of job she’d be called to do…

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