Cutty Sark Updated Website

After months of no news, I see that there’s finally an update on the official website today.

No mention of Professor Mason’s resignation last year; the news is Greenwich Time-worthy in its cheeriness – everything’s coming on fantastically as far as the official website concerned.

I still haven’t had a reply to my queries – but at least there’s something up on the site now…

5 Comments to “Cutty Sark Updated Website”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It must be a very happy place that the Cutty Sark team live in. But I suppose that any place so unconnected with reality would have to be that way.

    I'm going to the bookies tomorrow to bet that the ship will not be open in 2011, already a year later than post-fire estimates, and that it will be hard pushed to open before the 2012 olympics. I hope I lose…but I doubt I will

  2. Anonymous says:

    Quite apart from the Cutty Sark anyone know when they plan to rebuild the landing stage (2012, I assume)or why they knocked the old one down before they were ready to start a new one. But then the same thing is happening with the Stockwell Street market — seems to be the Greenwich way.

  3. Wolfe says:

    I wonder why no-one's interested in this? 27 postings about walks, which are very nice, of course, but 2 about Cutty Sark…life is odd

  4. rod says:

    Wolfe – people donĀ“t care, not really. 38 posts squabbling about the relative merits of local pubs and hardly anything about the Cutty Sark……

  5. Paul says:

    CHarity fatigue, maybe?

    I did read the English HEritage notes, I think it was, on the redevelopment plans. Many people thought the Grimshaw Plans to redevelop were dodgy – and much as I like Grimshaw's work, he was the wrong person, and this is the wrong design. But the EH notes explained what a bind the trust are in… heavy maintenance costs, little income, hence their desire to have a space they could rent out.

    Doesn't absolve them of their idiocy, though. IT sounds like the project was a non-starter right form the beginning.