There’s something about the snow that can really clarify things we usually forget exist. I walk past the old reservoir in Greenwich Park on a regular basis and pay it no real attention – and yet it’s a big feature – if you look at the aerial view in the link above, it covers a large area. The bare trees and snow-covered mound really show it for how it is.

The guys at Subterranean Greenwich reckon it was opened briefly in the war for assessment as a possible air raid shelter, but I’m rather hoping they manage to persuade Royal Parks to let them go in there and see it themselves on behalf of the rest of us – I’d love to know what it’s like in there now. I can’t help feeling that it should be useful – maybe to be turned into something cool eventually too, like an art gallery or something.

I meant to get a pic of the Anglo Saxon burial mounds (which were badly damaged by the erection of the reservoir – until local people protested and what remained was preserved) but it started to snow again, and I’m not dedicated enough to trudge around looking for the best angle in this weather.

BTW, talking of local people protesting about potential damage to the park, there’s a public meeting at 2.00 pm this Sunday (17th Jan), at John Roan School, held by NOGOE, to talk about the Olympic proposals. Expect a bunfight if anyone from LOCOG actually turns up…

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