And Then There Was One

Continuing from our transport-related discussions yesterday, Roger asked a question I’ve often wondered about (and then told me the answer – the best kind of ask) – where’s the third boat on the Woolwich Ferry just now?


That’s right. Hull, where the third boat is undergoing a major refit – not really a surprise given they’re all 46 years old. What puzzles me is how it got there – there’s no way it would ever fit on even the lowest of low-loaders. So presumably it arrived either by chugging around the coast under its own steam (well, diesel) or majestically travelling by tug. That would have been a sight.

I must find some more out about the Woolwich Ferry. I know there’s a book by the splendid Julian Watson (with Wendy Gregory, I believe) called Free For All; must seek it out. West London may have more bridges than us, but I think travelling by boat is so much more romantic. Yes, even with all those fumes and queues. And only two boats.

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