Accident This Morning

Andy asks:

“I wonder if you or readers know any more about the accident that closed Woolwich Road between Chevening Road and Calvet Road this morning?
There were police roadblocks along with tape across the road. I asked one officer what was going on and he just said it was a motorbike accident. I asked if it was fatal but he said “not yet” and left it at that.

It seemed odd to me that they closed the whole road as there was no evidence of wreckage or anything I could see. There were a couple of busses parked up so I’m wondering if they had something to do with it and they were awaiting investigation?”

As someone who hasn’t walked along that part of the road this morning I can’t help, ‘fraid. But I remember when I passed Vanbrugh Hill a few weeks ago and there was that terrible cycling fatality, they’d closed off large chunks of the road, presumably to collect evidence.

But maybe someone else has some news? Let’s keep that poor motorcyclist in our thoughts, eh…

2 Comments to “Accident This Morning”

  1. Bijou says:

    I live nearby, and I walked past there at about 7.45am and saw a not-very-mangled motorbike, lots of policemen and people exchanging details. It didn't look all that bad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The motor cyclist you are discussing is my daughters father, it was very near fatal, life changing definately, I wont go into detail, it wouldn't be right to do so. All I will say is that a van pulled out from a side road, and didn't stop!!! He thinks it was by the shops.