Trafalgar Square – Eat Yer Heart Out

This one’s all a bit last-minute; if it’s been planned for much longer than a week I certainly haven’t known about it. But hey – it’s all over the place now, and, despite the council having chosen what is probably the least convenient time to have a consultation, it might be a wise idea to hove your way down to Devonport House at some point this weekend (between 19th and 21st December) to see all five possible options (six if there;s a ‘do nothing’ button) for the pedestrianisation of Greenwich town centre.

Now – I have to say that in principle I have no objection to this. In fact I rather like it. I’m guessing that few Greenwichians would object to the idea – and it would do the place no harm at all for encouraging tourists. It’s the guys from outside the area who use us as a rat-run between further into town and the Blackwall Tunnel that will be getting hot under the collar – but there are levels of pedestrianisation and it would do us all good to decide exactly how far we’d want to go with it.

The options range from just cutting off College Approach and making Nelson Road two-way (easiest but a potential log-jam) all the way through to a giant one-way system just outside the centre (elegant but making you go a long way round – which might not be so bad at that), with various permutations along the way.

Those of you in the Greenwich Society will have received a letter about this – it’s been forwarded to me several times (thanks, guys) but it’s all a bit complex to explain here.

There’s only a small window of discussion here as the council want the new system in for (surprise, surprise) the Olympics, hence the awkward date of the consultation. Do try to get along if you can…

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