So – How Was it For You?

I wasn’t planning to write this week, but since I’ve been forced to sort out a horrible mess (thanks to spammers who hijacked the blog and put long lists of their sordid wares at the end of a good forty posts, pleasing me not one jot) I thought I’d ask you how you think Greenwich did in the last year.
I guess we’ve had some good and bad things. For me, much of Greenwich has seemed in limbo in 2009 while everything’s cranked up for The Year Everything Will Be Wonderful, which, apparently, is 2012.

This has seen building sites agogo, dead shops, broken ships, swathes of the ORNC closed, the pier a total mess, poor old King Billy rudely disturbed in his quiet not-quite-ex churchyard and the death of the Village Market.

We lost Beehive Cafe too – one of the best reasons to hang around in Greenwich – and though you can still get London Coffee Roasters coffee in Nevada Street Deli if you can find somewhere to sit, I miss the jolly Antipodeans who served me in the place that had nowhere to sit. Less mourned was The Old Friends, though several of us will be sad to see the building itself go. I never loved the pub, but had always hoped that someone would do the late-Victorian building up and make a go of it.

And in some of the saddest news of all, we lost two cyclists and gained two ghost bikes this year, one of them just a couple of weeks ago.

But we’ve had good stuff too. I mean – c’mon – tell me that snow in February wasn’t brilliant (and so much more fun than the slippy icy stuff we got just before Christmas.) The horrid plans for Greenwich Market were scuppered by a council who finally found some gumption. The Dwarf Orchard showed signs of being kissed by a handsome prince and turning into a beautiful secret garden (doncha just love mixed fairytale metaphors…)and David Herbert in Creek Road got his house back at last.

The Climate Camp came – and went – just a few hours after they left you’d never have known they were ever there at all. Sadly, I suspect we’ll have the same net result from Copenhagen.

Even shorter-lived was the East Greenwich Pleasaunce Farmers Market. Best we can hope for there, I suspect, is a compromise Halstow Road school playground. Which wouldn’t be so bad, at that…

Comings and goings continue around the peninsula. The last really big industrial plant, Syrol, closed, with the loss of local jobs and the gain of some fresh air, but a little further up the way, Meantime Brewery was preparing to move its works rather closer to the Meridian – with the gain of local jobs and the loss of fresh air (unless, like me, you rather like the smell of hops, in which case you’re in luck…)

So – a mixed year at best for Greenwich. What were your best and worst bits of living here in 2009?

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