Signalling Disaster

Clare asks:

“I’ve just moved to the Maze Hill area and I’m having real problems getting a TV signal, I have a Freeview box which I run the aerial through but I can’t get any channels apart from BBC1! I was wondering if you had ever heard of anybody else in that part of Greenwich having trouble with their signal?”

The Phantom replies:

Oh, Clare, you bring up a subject so close to so many East Greenwich hearts. You only need to look at the height of the aerials in the area to see the problem people round here have. It’s pretty obvious when you think about it – we’re trying to get a signal from Crystal Palace – through a giant hill that is topped by Blackheath. The further down the hill, the more the headaches.

It’s an utter pig. You fiddle with the aerial for bloomin’ ages, and you can get a reasonable picture but many people will tell you it’s only good until the next gusty storm when the whole thing spins around again. I’ve also seen a fair few blown over, so always make sure yours is securely tied down.

I suspect your best bet is to bite the bullet and get a FreeSat dish (or cable/Sky if you don’t mind paying for your TV viewing) though I’d be delighted to hear other suggestions on this oh, so sore, subject.

One Comment to “Signalling Disaster”

  1. Nick says:

    I'm afraid the problem has always been there. I lived at the back of Westcombe Park station in the 1960's, and when the new 625-line service started in 1964, I got a new aerial which I put on a 15 foot bamboo pole in the garden (I was only 16, and I had no money and no head for heights!). I got some brilliant pictures from the test transmissions before the start of the actual service, but as soon as the full service began, the pictures became unviewable !

    I gather that since Canary Wharf has been built, the situation is even worse. Many of the problems are from signals refelected back from buildings on the north side of the Thames. Still, at least most people can get cable or satellite these days – we had no alternative back then.