Rear Window Special

It’s been some time since we had a Rear Window – the occasional series where we get a glimpse of Greenwich the way other people do, but then I guess this one has been a long time coming.

When Rod, our honorary Phantom Brewmaster, sent me the pic above, which he took from his central Greenwich window, I was cheeky enough to ask him to continue taking pics showing us Greenwich through the seasons of one year – 2009 – and hey – that’s exactly what he’s done…

He gets a fantastic view of the river. I can’t remember whether this was Ark Royal or Illustrious but it was mid-late spring, if memory serves, by which point everything was bright green and lush after the February snow.

By the time summer arrived everything was green and bushy – this year, perhaps because of the (very) wet winter, then the cold snap, we got wonderful spring blossom, fast growth and incredible fruit everywhere.

He sent me the above picture of the wonderfully mellow autumn (bet you’ve forgotten it already…) just before the horrid rainy-stormy-hurricaney bit we’ve just had (BTW – did anyone take me up on gathering chestnuts in the park?)

We seem to be out the other side of those ghastly storms now, in favour of the last of the Four Seasons of Rod – a bitter winter chill – cold, but let’s face it, sort of right for Christmas.

The bare trees and bright mornings, the low sun and the foggy starts (Rod – it’s just occurred to me – I bet you get a good view of the Christmas lights – any chance of one more pic, of Greenwich Christmas by night?)

So – what, given the interesting climate-changey weather we’re getting these days, does 2010 hold?

Who knows – but we’ll always have Greenwich. And for today, Everybody Comes To Rod’s…

PS – I’m always interested in poking my spectral nose through the curtains of windows in Greenwich. It doesn’t have to be a fabulous view like Rod’s – I’m interested in building a picture of what we ordinary Greenwichians see on a day-to-day basis, even if it’s only rooftops and bins…

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