Pub Talk

I could do with your input here, folks, as I have two pub-related questions and just don’t have the time or resources at the moment (bah! to real work) to call every single pub myself.

The first is a very seasonal question. Mark asks:

“Any ideas on which Greenwich pubs will be open for drinks on Xmas day?”
My first guess is that at lunchtime at least, many, perhaps most pubs will be open for those traditional festive drinks, though whether or not they will also sell food is more open to question. In the evening, I think it’s also quite traditional to visit pubs (for some people, that is, it’s not traditional chez Phantom, but every family has their own way of doing things…) so again I would think many will be open. I’m sure people here can add in stuff about their own locals.

The second question is one we’ve covered before, but things change. ‘The Photographer’ asks:

“A few of my neighbours were looking for a pub quiz in Greenwich, so we thought we would ask if you know which pubs have them?”

The ones I know about are at The Vanbrugh, The Plume of Feathers (there’s one tonight if you get your skates on) The Ashburnham Arms and The Royal Standard at Blackheath Standard. I did look at Pub Quiz Help’s pub quiz finder which was no help at all, but I’m sure again, people here will be only too happy to plug their own local’s quiz. There’s a guy called Christopher West has a site called Charles Dickens London and runs occasional London/Dickens-themed quizzes (his most recent round here was at the Trafalgar Tavern in November.) I have no idea what they’re like, but they might be worth looking out for.

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