Observatory Garden Clearout

Katrien noticed that the Observatory Gardens were closed on Wednesday. She says:

“On Wednesday (9 December), the observatory garden was closed. We saw several shrubs had been removed (see picture) and I think they are making new paths. Do you have any idea what is going on there? I hope no other trees or plants will be removed. It was such a nice place. “

It does look rather drastic, I must admit. I was walking through the park yesterday afternoon and saw a lot of general work going on, so it’s possible that it’s just remedial tree-prunery etc, and I take hope that the ‘path’ in the picture looks like boards lain down to protect the grass. I rather hope they’re not planning to ‘open up’ the Observatory Gardens – at the moment they’re a bit of a secret for the people of Greenwich. In fact even some residents don’t know about them. To add too many paths and cut away too many plans would be rather sad…

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