Nick Raysford to Stand Down?

I can only assume so – since he obviously doesn’t care about being re-elected.

The extraordinary interview he did with yesterday had him quite clearly siding with Greenwich Hospital Trust’s market proposals rather than his own constituents, many of whom protested vigorously about the project.

I urge you to read the interview – it doesn’t really need much in the way of comment since he’s such an angry man that it’s quite clear where his allegiances lie – and they’re not with the people who voted him in.

The council’s decision was UNANIMOUS – from all political parties, nobody wanted that particular development – though one that is actually sympathetic to the heritage of the area would, I think, be largely approved. I don’t have any great love for the current, grubby, leaky (and breaky) roof we’ve got now but I can’t see how creating all those columns in the new one, finally putting the kibosh on its ever being used as an open space, demolishing historic buildings to make way for wheelie bins, replacing cobbles with slippery granite sets and building a modern hotel that pokes up above the rest of the area is in any way moving forward – or doing anything other than playing Russian Roulette with our World Heritage Status.

Raynsford, if he actually wants to stay as an MP, is counting his chickens that he has a very safe seat. For me, he’s putting his personal opinions (and let’s not forget that he’s chairman of the National Housebuilding Council Foundation…) above his constituents, and that, however safe a seat may be, is a dangerous thing.

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