Mind How You Go

Blimey. I’ve just got back from a slip-slidin’ trip across the park, where the snow is melting but there’s still just about enough for a few brave souls with tea trays to try tobogganing down the slopes.

The paths down the bottom aren’t too bad but up at the top it’s all compacted ice and really slippery. I didn’t go a pearler but it was only because I walked flat-footed and very slowly, whilst being cackled-at by a whole tree-full of ring-necked parrots. They’ll be laughing the other side of their beaks next month when anyone will be allowed to shoot them (though the question will be, of course, with what? Spud guns? Pea-shooters? As far as I know real guns are still illegal, even in South East London…)

A load of the pavements, too, are really icy – some on main roads.

I notice it’s all turned to rain now – particularly yucky – but tonight they’re promising sub-zero temperatures again tonight – so I’m guessing we’ll have a lovely black-ice alert tomorrow.

Take care, guys…

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