Faded Greenwich (9)

Not going to be around for long, this one. Methers sent me this picture of the old sign that lurks under the sign for Vietnam in King William Street. Surely this wouldn’t be THE McDonalds? Has it really been a fast food store for years? Or was this MAcDonalds Restaurant something rather classier in days gone by? Perhaps the Greenwich equivalent of a Lyons Corner House?

Googling such a question proves hard – any old information seems to be buried underneath the American corporate giant, even if I add the “A” to the name, but maybe someone here remembers?

In the meanwhile, I don’t know what’s happening with Vietnam. It SAYS it’s being refurbished – but there’s a note in the window that slightly bothers me. It recommends, perhaps a little too warmly, the restaurant around the corner Saigon (which, actually I do quite like…) as an alternative while the place is being done up.

Of course, this could just be a friendly, generous, genuine suggestion. In fact I’m sure it is. It must be. Yes. Of course. But it just could be that Vietnam has been taken over by the other little chain that is creeping though Greenwich – the one that isn’t Inc…

I have a lot of time for Vietnam. I even liked its slightly scruffy interior. I have spent many a happy evening with pals ordering as much naughty food (for an ever-spreading Phantom) as I liked. I hope they don’t do anything too funky with it – and I pray the food stays the same….

One Comment to “Faded Greenwich (9)”

  1. Margaret says:

    In answer to you query, MacDonalds was a nice restaurant, I remember meeting my mum for lunch there in the late 1960′s when she was working in the then Dreadnought Hospital.