Catteries And Doggeries

Kate asks:

“I wondered if you knew of any reputable catteries/boarding kennels in or near the SE10 area? I can’t for the life of me find any and with it fast approaching the Christmas holiday season, I am beginning to panic.”

The Phantom replies:

I have never had need for such a place – and it’s such a personal thing you really do need to get a recommendation. By googling I found Sereta in Orpington, Moggie Minders in (appropriately) Catford and Canada Farm near Bluewater, but I have no personal experience of any of them.
There are various all-purpose agencies that do chores for people – everything from office filing to ironing to dog-walking – I was sent details of such a service setting up in Greenwich some time ago but I can’t for the life of me find them in the cough 248 cough outstanding emails that I haven’t dealt with yet. I’m not proud of my backlog – and I promise that I will get round to dealing with the starred mail in my inbox, guys – but for now, if the service that sent me the info cares to contact me again (I seem to remember two sisters…) then I’ll pop them up here.

In the meanwhile, all you catty/doggy people – any recommendations for Kate?

3 Comments to “Catteries And Doggeries”

  1. This is my cattery, feel free to come and have a look round I am in Shooters hill.

  2. Paul Lim says:

    I can vouch for Lesley’s cattery in the comment above (Red Lion Cattery) – I collected my cats today and they look absolutely wonderful!

    I would be more than happy to use the Cattery again when I next go away . . .

  3. Mélanie D. says:

    We boarded our 6 1/2 months old kitten for 7 nights at the begining of Sept. 2010.
    We were worried to leave him for so long at such a young age knowing he had never been away from us until then.
    When we booked, the owner said we would be more than welcome to come and visit the cattery before boarding our kitten. The visit reassured us a lot. Lesley and Ray are a very friendly couple. We had a look at the runs and the occupants. Very quiet location. Eventhough the occupants seemed to miss their Mummy and Daddy they still look happy to enjoy some vacation as well!
    When we picked our kitten back up, he was very happy to see us, vice versa. He came back in very good spirits and condition!
    Cats get a lot of attention in this cattery, runs are cleaned daily and food is provided twice a day (you are asked the type of food your cat eats).
    Pick up and drop off service is also available (to be arranged with the cattery owners).
    I would recommend this cattery and would myself book my kitten in for my next holiday.