Blue-Skies Apples And Pears

Blimey I seem to be posting a lot today – Proper Work is getting a very sad time of it just now, but this is an urgent one that needs attention.

Transition Westcombe – a jolly group I still don’t quite ‘get’ but who do fun community stuff and seem to be an all round Good Thing, have been approached by a body who are trying to create orchards in London and who have the wherewithal to apply for funding for one in Westcombe Park.

Transition Westcombe are urgently looking for suggestions for where a community orchard could be situated – you don’t need to worry about who owns the land or any icky stuff like that just now – it can all be sorted out later, apparently. They just want suggestions for good sites for fruit trees – large or small (you can put an orchard in a very small space, they tell me) so that they can make an application.

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking the bit of spare green land along by the railway at Westcombe Park station (good luck with Southeastern – but then they do need all the good publicity they can get just now…) the little corner of land at the bottom of Beaconsfield Road, possibly the funny little bit of green at the bottom of Woodlands in Mycenae Road (though I’d be less keen on that one – I like it being actual woodland) – or – how about this – the newly vacated site of the Old Friends?(not officially WP, I know but let’s face it – Woolwich Road needs it more…)

This is a really urgent thing – they need to put the suggestions in in the next couple of days. So – if you’ve got great ideas, email them to
with the subject line ‘Orchard sites’. Then tell me, here, ’cause I’m one nosy Phantom…

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