Accident At Vanbrugh Hill

Strange we should be talking about cycling accidents this morning – I just went past the junction where Vanbrugh Hill/Blackwall Lane meets Trafalgar Road/Woolwich Road to find at least half of Greenwich police force directing traffic around a stationary lorry being photographed from every angle.

They didn’t tell me anything, but Scared of Chives just emailed to say a cab driver told him that an unfortunate cyclist had been knocked off her bike. I truly hope the injuries the cabbie mentioned are just rumours, so I won’t pass them on for now.

I know no details – or even if SoC’s cabbie had his facts right, but, oh, boy. Cyclists – please, take care guys. These dark days hide hazards many.

One Comment to “Accident At Vanbrugh Hill”

  1. tp says:

    re accident 7 december vanbrugh hilllady hit by lorry driver – if anyone recalls seeing this (particularly the cab driver mentioned in previous post)please please come fwd