What Would You Put In The Dome?

Further to my previous post (the one about the Estate Agent trying to make living next to the Dome sound exciting) I have been thinking about why most of us just don’t go to the Dome on a regular basis (or even at all), and what would make us go.

I mean – not all of us want to go to a stadium gig every night – but there are other things there. Its problem seems to be in that it does everything you can already get in Greenwich, just not as well. There’s a cinema – with one giant and a whole bunch of teeny screens – we have the Picturehouse. There’s a dodgy nightclub – we have Olivers. There are infinite so-so restaurants – we have plenty of so-so eateries ourselves (and one or two really good ones.) There’s an exhibition space – we have several of those already too. BTW has anyone been to the British Music Experience yet?

I was wondering last week why there isn’t a microbrewery or even somewhere that serves proper beer there, after the Phantom Webmaster’s miserable experience. Apparently the fact that the Dome spends large amounts of time effectively empty when the rents are so bloomin’ high and the problems of it being a purely drinking place rather than somewhere to eat too put a spanner in the works – but if the place was to become more appealing during the day, maybe it would be viable after all.

Maybe AEG are making so much cash from the big-hitters they don’t need to have the place working to capacity the rest of the time, but surely they could start looking at the ‘dead’ space and time there. There’s still loads of room to be filled, especially round the back. But what with?

My choice would be a bowling alley (I LOVE bowling but only ever manage to get to the Bloomsbury Lanes about once a year) but I’m sure there are other things that would bring more of us over there more often. An actual destination restaurant rather than stadium tat (with the honorable exception of Gaucho) perhaps? A decent exhibition in the ‘Bubble?’ Or even that dreaded fallback – retail?

What would make you visit? Or should we just decide that it’s not really for the likes of us and let it carry on sparkling to itself across the water? I guess its failure to appeal to locals is good news for the town centre… :-)

BTW – do you ever play the same game as me where you come out of North Greenwich Tube and work out what gig is on from the type of people that are heading towards the O2?

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